Trumbull Man Vying for National Democratic Delegate Job

Bevilacqua filed March 19.

According to a press release, Louis A. Bevilacqua, longtime democrat today announced that he has filed papers with the State Democratic party in Hartford, to serve as a member of the state delegation representing Connecticut Democrats at the national party conference in North Carolina this September.  

The release states, "In line with the delegate selection plan, the state party has requested involvement from democrats who have not previously served as a member of the official delegation, which will formally select the party's candidate for president as is customary with the old traditions of the party. It is a fait accompli in that the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, whom Mr Bevilacqua backed in 2008, will be the standard bearer, as nominating conventions have been since the late 70's become more pep rallies designed to give the party a boost in the polls, rather than competitive cattle markets for power and position.

'Look, there is no challenge to Obama for the nomination, but us old democrats have a tradition of symbolically rewarding years of steadfast loyalty,' Bevilacqua said.  'Jay Rockefeller has always been there for us, and as a delegate for him, I plan to show for all perpetuity that we recognize his contribution.  We recognize that current leadership exists in part for the future, our party has always been proud of our continuous bond of loyalty to the people.  There are numerous open slots, its up to the state party now, I hope to represent my fellow democrats in NC.'

The Democratic national convention this year will be taking place in the key targeted state of North Carolina, a shinning capitol of the new south, gleeming cities of commerce now hosting many corporate head quarters along with the research triangle of Raleigh Durham, home of Duke University, just a few hours drive from the convention city, which is North Carolina's most populous city.

Uptown Charlotte has undergone massive construction of tall buildings which house the corporate HQ's to such companies as Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Duke Energy, and features in the area of the convention site, several hotels and multiple condominium developments.

UNC Charlotte, one of the branches of the popular State University system is also located in this years host city.   Dubbed the Queen City, Charlotte is geographically located near the South Carolina border, near the western end of the state.  This is the first democratic convention held in the carolinas since Charleston hosted the big party in 1860.

'I'm pretty confident that the president feels secure in his re-election chances,' Bevilacqua added. 'As the result of his effective administration, saving the financial markets from collapse, keeping the hope of capitalism alive, lowering unemployment from 10% to 8%, these are results he should be proud of that only experienced leadership can achieve.'"

TrumbullSr April 02, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Now I'm confused. Is this the guy with the Newt sing on his lawn?
louis April 02, 2012 at 04:21 PM
What Newt sign? First off you would have to be a republican to ever think I would become a republican. My family have been real democrats for 190 years. It also betrays the fact that there is a misunderstanding as to how politics actually works. You folks want real democrats, cause we will save your donkey, lets just say. I like Newt personally, but as I am not a republican, what difference would it make. What we need to have is substance, in both parties, people who actually know what they are doing, not this kind of factionalism, these little boys cliques, that is undermining so much of what we have built up to now. Maybe you don't like me. Ok. Maybe there is something wrong with you. The reality is, we are all in a big fight, the water is starting to find its ways through the cracks, the people who are supposed to be in executive positions are being overlooked for the cool new thing, some of that is fine, but we need balance. The old rules are falling to dust and it will not matter how right a person is when the other folks take over. So I am doing everything i can to preserve what little is left.
louis April 02, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Regardless, let me know if there is anything I can do for you, Trumbull elder. us democrats in my family always believed that the people are what matters and we do what we can to represent them. You have confirmed what I have always suspected. I am so influential, if there is a rumour that my family is backing a candidate, the entire town starts talking about it.


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