Mark IV Suit Says Trumbull Broke Contract

Mark IV Construction is suing Trumbull for unpaid bills, changing portions of the north Nichols sewer work, creating additional work and costs and breaching the contract.

Mark IV, which the town is suing over Contract III sewer work on Jog Hill Road, says it contracted with Trumbull to work on Contract IV (north Nichols) for $24.9 million.

"Subsequently, the original price was amended as a result of certain additions and deletions from the work required," the suit states. The amended cost as of Oct. 22 is $26.4 million, exclusive of change orders totaling $2.8 million, according to the company.

Trumbull owes Mark IV $1.21 million, according to the suit.

Trumbull also removed permanent paving, milling and curbing from the project, which comprised $4 million of the original bid, the company claimed.

Other alleged breaches of the contract cited were:
  • Lack of specificity in the project bid
  • Failure to disclose subsurface conditions
  • Interference in work, causing delays and increase construction costs
  • Failure to process change orders in a timely manner
  • Forcing Mark IV to perform work out of sequence
  • Withholding payment
  • Ordering Mark IV to perform additional work.
The company incurred additional costs and interest on unpaid bills, the suit states.

The  company seeks unspecified damages and attorney's fees.

First Selectman Tim Herbst and the Water Pollution Control Authority say Mark IV performed shoddy work on Jog Hill resulting in needed repairs exceeding $8 million. 

The WPCA tried to remove Mark IV from the job last year for stopping work on Dogwood Pond area in Nichols. But the work resumed. Mark IV owner Manuel Moutinho also sued Herbst personally for defamation but later dropped that suit.
dave wilsoon October 28, 2013 at 07:35 AM
They were buddies with Tax and Spend RAY, maybe he can help figure it out. Or maybe the FBI can.
Archie Bunker October 28, 2013 at 12:04 PM
Nice pre-election timing by a big supporter of Trumbull Democrats! Now maybe Manny will throw a big fundraiser in his $400,000 driveway.


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