Tony Scinto: in the Middle of Trumbull's Issues

Scinto is running for District 7

This is the second of five profiles of District 7 candidates.

Tony Scinto is one of the two incumbent Republicans running to keep his seat on the Town Council representing District 7, which he has maintained since 2007. The other is Chadwick Ciocci, and this November Scinto and Ciocci will face Democratic challengers Tom Whitmoyer and Holly Sutton-Darr and Independent Charley Pitcher.

Scinto has worked at Verizon as a Senior Telecom technician since 1998, and lives just down the street from Democratic opponent Whitmoyer, on Lindberg Drive, with his wife Michelle, a personal assistant, and their two daughters Kayla, a freshman at , and Sara, a sixth-grade student at Hillcrest.

Scinto has taken on a number of leadership roles in town since moving to Trumbull 14 years ago. He has served as the chair of the Town Council’s Rules & Research Committee since 2009 and the District 7 Chairman for the Trumbull Republican Town Committee since 2006, and is a former chair of the Trumbull High School Building Committee.

“District 7 is unique compared to the others,” Scinto said. He explained that the master plan for the layout of the town was conceived in the 1980s to keep development on the outskirts of town, and it is District 7 that encompasses a lot of this development, running in a U-shape around the bottom of the town.

One of the major issues in this highly-developed district is sewer regionalization and reconstruction. Scinto said when he goes to campaign on Shelton Road this weekend, he intends to observe the area and talk to people in their homes to get a firsthand idea of the impact of the issues on residents.

“[Canvassing in the neighborhood] is so important because that’s when you find out what you what’s really going on,” he said.

Scinto said he tries and will continue to try to stay in touch with the concerns of the people in his district.  In his day-to-day work as a Town Council representative, he said, “Sometimes if I’m on one side of town, I’ll drive to another town district just to see what’s going on.”

Scinto explained that many of the issues First Selectman Tim Herbst has been working on this year are pertinent to District 7. He said that Herbst has had to make some difficult decisions this year, in part due to the recession and its attendant budget issues.

Scinto said that when one is in the majority party, this position is more of a leadership role. A lot of things have changed this year, he said, and “sometimes change is painful.”

As the Town Council’s current Finance Committee chairman, Scinto said he saw firsthand how tight the town budget is, and, in the process of interviewing each department head, he got insight into where all the money goes.

“Doing the budget this year and being on the finance committee was an eye opener,” Scinto said.

Scinto is not at liberty to comment on the issue of the cell tower, as he works for Verizon, but on the topic of the Fairchild Wheeler Multi Magnet School, he said that there is a lot of misinformation out there.

“We knew the school was going to go in. There really wasn’t much that could be done to stop this school,” Scinto said. “The state was even going to eminent domain the property if they had to.”

Scinto said he has been working with a construction consultant for the City of Bridgeport checking out the magnet school construction site in the wake of a number of legal challenges: pending environmental lawsuits filed by the town as well as a recent suit threatened by a neighbor to the site, complaining of excessive noise.

He and Ciocci also responded to neighbors' concerns with a meeting Saturday.

Suzanne Testani October 17, 2011 at 02:31 PM
Mr. Scinto and Mr. Ciocci take the issues concerning District 7 very seriously. They work very hard at being the voice of their constituency in our town government. Both bring a unique combination of professionalism and community service experience to the table. It has been my pleasure to serve on the Town Council with these two fine gentlemen over the last 4 years and if the people of Trumbull so choose, I look forward to doing so in the future as well. Sincerely, Suzanne S. Testani Vice Chairman Trumbull Town Council
Thomas Tesoro October 17, 2011 at 02:50 PM
As will Mr. Whitmoyer and Ms. Darr both highly respected community volunteers.
Tom Pieragostini October 17, 2011 at 03:32 PM
“District 7 is unique compared to the others,” Scinto said. He explained that the master plan for the layout of the town was conceived in the 1980s to keep development on the outskirts of town, and it is District 7 that encompasses a lot of this development, running in a U-shape around the bottom of the town. Well said Tony. I always wondered what logic was behind that. The town certainly didn't spread the development around to all borders in an equitable manner. Just look at the lack of commercial development at our town border with Fairfield and Easton (Chestnut Hill area) in the west and with Monroe border at the northwest and north (Tashua and Daniel's Farm areas). It seems as if District 7 has been singled out for all new commercial development, while protecting the other residential areas. But, we pay the same property taxes as they do. It doesn't seem fair, because we have to deal with all the new traffic that comes with the new commercial development.
Afreedman2011 October 17, 2011 at 03:55 PM
I find your statements that it doesn't seem fair to be ironic when it is the Herbst followers on TChat who have been vile in their bashing of the CATT members for owning/purchasing property near the proposed new communication tower on Edison. Maybe you and your followers should have shown a little more concern for those peoperty owners who find themselves in a difficult situation.
JR October 17, 2011 at 05:17 PM
Maybe Mr. Scinto will explain why he has allowed such development to unfairly proceed during his tenure.
JR October 17, 2011 at 05:19 PM
“The state was even going to eminent domain the property if they had to.” Didn't the state already control the property? What misinformation regarding the magnet school?
TrumbullProgressive October 18, 2011 at 05:14 AM
Mr. Scinto's statement regarding the magnet school: "that there is a lot of misinformation out there." is quite true. Unfortunately he, Mr. Ciocci and Mr. Herbst have done little to enlighten the public. If they knew that the school could not be stopped (and one should ask themselves why we would want to stop the state from spending $126 mil to locate a state-of-the-art magnet school in our community at no cost to us), then why did the FS so bungle the negotiations with Bridgeport and the state. Where once we had the opportunity to regulate and control the construction of this school when it was within our borders, now we have little recourse other than to hire lawyers and go to court. We have also lost millions of dollars that were once a part of a municipal agreement that would have paid for road upgrades, emergency services upgrades and 150 seats at this magnificent school for Trumbull students. Now we have none of the control, none of the upgrades, and only 50 seats at the school and what did we get in return in this finely crafted deal: the right to negotiate in good faith with Bridgeport for the right to lease 20 acres of questionable land which may only be useful as a hiking trail along the Pequonnock River. Sweet. I hope this doesn't portend Mr. Herbst's negotiations with Bridgeport and the surrounding towns on the water treatment issue looming just around the corner. if so, Trumbull taxpayers should start bending over now or better yet, vote Thornton in November.
Cindy Penkoff October 18, 2011 at 10:17 PM
I find Afreedmans statement interesting since Mrs Thornton not only voted in favor of the cell tower but voted to make it emergency legislation. Where was her concern for the residents of that area then? Dud she bother to hold town hall meetings to see what they thought or how they felt? Simple no. Mr Baldwin rammed this through and she assisted in that maneuver. This was s fine deal before this administration ever took office. Conveniently forgotten by the Dems like do many other things.
Joan October 19, 2011 at 01:25 AM
I believe Mary Beth Thornton has offered to meet with the residents in the area of the proposed cell phone tower. It is disappointing that Mr. Herbst has not taken much time, if any, to meet and work with them. We need a First Selectman who has a track record of working with different parties to resolve problems. That person is Mary Beth Thornton.
Kathleen McGannon October 19, 2011 at 01:42 AM
Let's not forget that it was under Mr. Herbst's chairmanship of the P and Z Commission that the approval for the cell tower was given. It all started there!
Afreedman2011 October 19, 2011 at 01:58 AM
We'll see who the residents who live near the tower vote for on Election day. I wouldn't be counting on too many of their votes Ms. Penkoff.
TrumbullProgressive October 19, 2011 at 03:22 AM
Cindy, must we one again trot out this tired old story about Mary Beth making the cell tower "emergency legislation"? As I have pointed out to you on several earlier occasions here on TrumbullPatch, the emergency legislation designation was requested by the police chief because he was interested in expediting the final resolution. This designation had nothing to do with any deliberations, public hearings or anything other than expediting the resolution after it had been passed. Public hearings were posted regarding the cell tower and for whatever reason, almost no one in the community expressed concerns. P&Z under Mr. Herbst approved the proposed design and the TC passed it. Ray Baldwin signed the deal and then the firestorm began. So can we stop with the blame game here and this cooked up story about the emergency legislation. No one that knows anything about this situation is buying it and it just makes you look like a fool for repeating it over and over and over!
JR October 19, 2011 at 11:04 AM
Ms. Penkoff, The motion to make this emergency legislation failed 12-0-2 because it did not get the required 2/3 majority. As you can see, there wasn't a no vote in the room. Is this the sort of misinformation we can expect from you for the rest of the campaign?


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