Palo Rebuts Trumbull GOP Charges

GOP statements are "misleading and backwards."

After reading Republican Chairman Jack Testani and First Selectman Timothy Herbst’s words in the “Trumbull GOP: Dems Have 'Amnesia' Over Bolton Concert” article, I feel as if I just watched the episode of Superman where the character “Bizarro” invites Superman to his “Bizarro World” of “Htrae” (Earth spelled backwards}.

Statements in this article are so misleading and so backwards, I must take the time to set the record straight.

First off, concerning the Michael Bolton concert, in which all of the Republicans on the Board of Finance (BOF) voted “No” joining myself and fellow Democrat Stephen Lupien, Mr. Herbst forgets that I gave him some sage advice during the duel meeting of the BOF and the Town Council. When I explained why I was voting “No” to the concert, Mr. Herbst asked me what I would do instead. I told him in front of both bodies to not have a concert this year and put it in the budget for next year when we all would have the time to discuss it and set it up properly. Frankly, he failed to listen to my words.

As for Mr. Testani’s reference to me as a “Baldwin Democrat”, I must remind him that I switched parties on June 29, 2012 three years into the Herbst administration as I could not take any more of the exact tomfoolery this article exemplifies. I have found a new home in a Party that welcomes all viewpoints, not those just shared by Mr. Testani and Mr. Herbst.

Next, why would a guy like me, who has a four year old child going into full day kindergarten vote against it? The answer is simple. I have a job to do for ALL of the people of Trumbull in my role on the Board of Finance. Even though I would reap personal gain from full day kindergarten, I voted against it because it was not funded properly. Funds were used from excess monies generated by the Board of Education and not from funds within the budget. As of this moment, full day kindergarten is not funded for year two of its existence. I fully support full day kindergarten in the Town of Trumbull, but let’s do it the right way and put it in the budget where it belongs.

Finally, Mr. Testani makes comments about my “fiscal conservatism”. I know he doesn’t go to any Board of Finance meetings and he must not be reading any of our minutes either. I invite anyone to go to the Board of Finance minutes from March 14, 2011 and examine why I voted against the First Selectman’s budget. I will not vote for the largesse Mr. Herbst has included in his past budgets and if he tries to keep doing it, I say to Mr. Herbst and the Trumbull Republicans, “NO, NO, and again NO”.

Kathleen McGannon September 30, 2012 at 04:14 PM
"A Baldwin Democrat?" Why do Jack and Tim continue to fight against a man who is no longer the FS and is not interested in ever having the position again? Does Ray's accomplishments and his well-liked personality generate jealousy even three years later? Do they have trouble standing on their own record of "accomplishments"? Mr. Palo was a vocal supporter of Mr. Herbst until he saw what those of us who have known Tim longer knew all along--he does not have the life experience to stand up and admit his mistakes. He went against his "Blueprint for Trumbull" in so many ways that the Republicans have removed the Blueprint from their website. That speaks volumes. Mr. Palo continues to voice very fiscally conservative viewpoints as a Democrat. The Democrats welcome his views, just as they welcomed mine many years ago when I, too, switched parties. They have welcomed Tom Tesoro, Lisa Valenti, Tom Kelly and many others who have had enough of the "do as I say, not as I do" Republican Party. The "I'll say anything to get elected and then pretend I didn't say it" Republican Party. Many of Trumbull's residents have had enough of the spin.
Kathleen McGannon September 30, 2012 at 07:02 PM
I cannot stand it when I have a grammar error! "DO Ray's accomplishments and his well-liked personality..." Arrgh! So sorry Sr. Mary Elizabeth--you deserve better!
louis October 01, 2012 at 12:20 AM
Who know's maybe Herbst and Palo will both be primaried next year


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