Reviews Mixed on New Trumbull Polling Places

The new system will be tested for the first time Tuesday.

In the theater, the last week of rehearsals before opening is called Tech Week, but more commonly called "Hell Week."

"Hell Week" is described on Wikipedia as stressful for both actors and technicians because everyone is learning at the same time.  "Everything that goes wrong during a rehearsal is expected to be fixed by the next day," according to Wikipedia.

Tuesday's primary for U.S. Senate will kick off the testing and improvement phase of Trumbull's new four-district voting system, in preparation for the Presidential election in November. 

How this dress rehearsal will turn out depends on many factors, including dealing with new polling places, possibly longer lines and how many people actually read their cards the Registrars sent them (something debated before the system's approval).

Then comes the Presidential election in November, when state House and Senate seats and U.S. Senate seats will also be filled. Typically primaries attract fewer voters, and many more people vote for presidents, according to Trumbull's Registrar Office.

Tech week has already begun, with the town's assistant registrars reporting angry calls from voters who don't like their new polling places.

Conversely, commentators on Facebook are accepting of their new locations.

  • Sandra Weiner: got my post card - the new polling place is marginally farther from my house but no big thing.
  • Christine Marr: Me too Sandra, farther from home but no biggy.
  • Susan D'Amato: It's what I expected. Just as close - not too worried. Just concerned about parking.
  • Susan Lacovara Levesque: Ours is much better - 5 minutes from home. we were driving completely across town to vote.
Anthony Musto August 14, 2012 at 11:32 AM
At middlebrook. Slow, but people are in and out quickly. Bill holden is here and says no problems. Anthony Musto
Loretta Chory August 14, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Was at Middlebrook at same time as Mr.Musto, 8:00am. By slow, I gather he meant the number of voters, rather than the service. I walked in, showed my ID, voted and off to work... many thanks to everyone working the polls today.
Anthony Musto August 15, 2012 at 01:16 AM
Looks like Trumbull supported McMahon and Murphy overwhelmingly. At least in the results I've seen so far. I also heard Shays conceded. Anthony Musto


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