State Senate Approves Bill to Unionize Care Workers

The bill, which spurred three lawsuits, now awaits Gov. Malloy's signature.

With a 22-14 vote, the state Senate passed a bill on Thursday night that will allow low-paid daycare and home health care workers to join unions, according to the Associated Press. The bill now awaits Gov. Malloy's signature.

Democrats were in favor of the bill because of the low level of income day and health care workers receive compared to others in their industries, while Republicans felt that forming unions would compromise the relationship between the workers and their clients.

Three lawsuits challenging the bill's constitutionality were filed last month and charged that Malloy overstepped his authority when he signed executive orders to allow the workers to unionize. State Rep. Rob Sampson (R-Southington), who was a plaintiff in two of the lawsuits,

"I believe this unionization will result in major changes in both the day care and personal care attendant industries that will hurt small business owners and the most vulnerable members of our society” Sampson said in a press release.


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