State Supreme Court Hears GOP Ballot Case

Republicans are looking back to the 2010 gubernatorial election in the hopes of making it to the top of the ballot in 2012.

Connecticut Republicans want top billing on the ballots for the upcoming election, and they’ve taken the case to the Connecticut Supreme Court. 

Arguments from the GOP and the Connecticut were made on Wednesday but there has been no decision yet, reports the New Haven Register. Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers reportedly said the state law determining who gets top billing is “confusing.”

The order in which party candidates appear on the election ballot is determined by which party candidate gets the most votes in a gubernatorial election.

In 2010 Democrat Dannel P. Malloy won the gubernatorial election and Democrats were given the top ballot spot the following election.

Republicans say the switch was made in error and they want it reversed this election. They argue that between the two major parties in 2010 Republican Tom Foley, who lost to Malloy, actually had more votes than Malloy when compared solely to Malloy's Democratic ballots. Malloy was also listed on the ballot as the candidate of the Working Families Party and outpolled Foley when those two ballot line votes were combined.

It’s unknown when a decision in the case might be made.

Eileen Mcnamara contributed to this report. 

louis September 14, 2012 at 01:43 AM
I think it impacts the election little outside local waterbury politics, but you would have to ask Dave Rutigliano about that. The people care that they are electing people who work on behalf of the republic and the people. Why not bring some "common sense" and draw lots for placement, that is how many states do it. But what do you do when someone like Dave is turning his back on the republican party and joing up with some fringe group.....Dave, do you know what they did to Teddy Roosevelt over such things?


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