Trumbull's Stern Village Residents Want Speedier Snow Removal

Some said they were trapped inside for several days.

Despite volunteers, staff and contractors clearing out snow from the winter storm, Stern Village residents said it should have been removed faster.

The residents of the subsidized housing complex spoke out at a special meeting Wednesday night in the community room.

"During [Hurricane] Sandy, we were able to get out to the doctor and the bus," said Patricia Lunzi. She added that outgoing executive director Harry Wise joined in clearing out the nearly three feet of snow dropped last Friday night.

"For days, I was behind five feet of snow," Lungi said. "If there was a fire, bring the potatoes, because I'm dead meat."

She accused the town of clearing out other, younger residents first. "Elderly people should be able to get to the doctor, Day 1. So anxious to own us. Now you got us. What do you do for us? Nothing," she said.

Lungi was referring to the recent replacement of the members of the Trumbull Housing Authority following accusations that Wise mismanaged the complex before and during Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.

She said other buildings like Maefair Health Care Center and St. Joseph's Manor should also have been first to be cleared out.


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THA board members defended the town's performance.

Member Joanna Leone said, "We couldn't get the [plows] there because of the amount of snow," Leone said.

But the board members were monitoring Stern Village during the storm and moved to hire a contractor to speed up snow removal.

Acting THA Chairman Russ Friedson said the town's plows clear the streets, not the sidewalks or the doorways.

Another resident said EMTs had to carry one person out "like a bride" because they could not get a stretcher inside.

Gary Raytar, a member of the Trumbull Senior Citizen Commission said he had to go out through his window because of snow drifts and wouldn't want a senior to have to do that.

Michael Harris of Trumbull has relatives who live in Stern Village.

"I would like to acknowledge the residents of Stern Village. They are people. We live in Trumbull. We all pay taxes," he said.

Harriet Polansky, who was tapped for interim acting executive director, said snow and debris clearing procedures are needed for future storms.

Charley Pitcher February 15, 2013 at 11:51 PM
Stern village should absolutely have an outside contractor for snow removal.
Thomas Tesoro February 16, 2013 at 03:38 AM
The respose thaht tells these seniors to "toughen up" is unfortunately an attitude we see more and more. Chair Freidson in response to a request from Mr. Littlefield for an independent legal opinion was to say, in effect, if you want an independent opinion spend your own money. Remember these are seniors with modest incomes. By the way, in case anyone wants to deny that, there is a tape and it will be posted soon. Someone on Trumbullchat named GOPblonde in response to Mr. Littlefield's request that meeting begin earlier than 8pm was to say in effect, too bad seniors, the Commissioners work. (to be fair Mr. Freidson was open to the idea). Very sad
CommonSense February 16, 2013 at 06:32 PM
This was the Biggest Snow Storm we have ever had. There hasn't been another. Now this snow storm has political implications??!!! To read the article, one would think that the snow fell just in Stern Village!!!! The comments posted are of "cyber-bullying quality". My gosh our neighboring towns had to hire 'private contractors' to plow their streets/businesses/school zones. Oh I know everyone has a point and concern but name calling and fingerpointing is not the answer. The tone from the bloggers is I want I want I want---because I deserve I deserve I deserve and I want it Now I want it Now I want it Now!!! Where are we going with this? We are each others neighbors!!!!!!
Joey Jabone February 17, 2013 at 03:13 AM
I just read the comments from common sense and I agree - the Town did a great job cleaning the snow thanks Joey
Thomas Tesoro February 17, 2013 at 06:01 PM
The DPW and Mr. marsillio did a great job removing snow under very trying circumstances. However, having seen Mr. marsilluio in action for the past 3 years I am certain he would agree that the effort was far from perfect. Yes, this was an historic storm but so were Sandy, so was Irene and so were the storms of two years ago. it seems "historic" is now becoming the norm and we need to be prepared. I hope Mr. Marsillio will hold some public hearings and listen to the concerns of the residents. He will hear praise and some criticism and I know he will learn from both. To dismiss either would be a mistake. Shouldn't the goal be to learn and improve?


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