T.R. Rowe's Representative Seat is Very Popular

The former seat of T.R. Rowe is up for grabs with three potential takers.

As T.R. Rowe steps down from Trumbull's 123rd District seat in the state House of Representatives, his successor will be confronting some serious issues.

The victor will have to deal with a decreased state bond rating, taxes, the economy and how to keep 18- to 34-year olds and business in the state, among other controversial topics.

The players are:

  • Republican David Rutigliano, a member of the Trumbull Board of Finance, partly owns the SBC restaurant chain and is opening another restaurant in Norwalk.
  • Tom Christiano, owner of a small business, who also served in Trumbull government and state government.
  • Louis Bevilacqua, a resident who was nominated for Town Council in 2011 and says he has an extensive political background.

What They Say

  • Rutigliano wants to reform spending; reduce taxes; make a business-friendly environment in the state; and create jobs and opportunities for Connecticut youth.
  • Christiano vows to secure state aid to keep local property taxes down; expand the state's economy and create highpaying jobs; prepare students for the glovbal economy by "encouraging innovation"; and making government more efficient and keeping spending down.
  • Bevilacqua wants to reform the tax system; eliminate unfunded mandates; propose a task force on regulation revision; and keep a medical center garage from being built in the Trumbull. "Talent versus familiarity, competence versus fad.  This is the fight we face, the nexus of the democratic question, for our enemies would like to say that the people are unqualified for this moment, but I know that together we can weather any storm," he said.


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