Trumbull Dem. registrar resigns; Asst. GOP registrar terminated

Jane Aiello was the Democratic registrar; Kathy Miranti was the assistant republican registrar.

Two Trumbull registrars no longer work for the town, as work on adjusting the voters into four districts continues.

Assistant Republican Registrar Kathy Miranti did not resign, said her supervisor, Registrar Bill Holden. He cited state statute 9-192 and declined to comment further. Miranti did not immediately respond to a phone message. Assistant registrars serve at the behest of the registrars.

Trumbull RTC Chairman Jack Testani backed Holden. "The Registrar of Voters, by statute is the appointing authority in the Registrar's Office and I am confident that Mr. Holden made a decision that he believed was in the best interests of the department," he said.

Democratic Registrar Jane Aiello said her resignation was planned for the end of the redistricting. The new organization applies for the Aug. 14 republican U.S. Senate primary.


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In an email Wednesday, Aiello said she had "no ill will" toward Holden, her republican counterpart.

"I have resigned my position [as of Wednesday] and Ms. Laurel Anderson was sworn in as my successor this a.m.  I am sorry to be leaving at this time, especially in view of Kathy's firing, but this plan was set in motion months ago.

"I have felt my years of service had come to an end, and quite frankly, these last months have proven to be very difficult.  I believe my honesty and directness put me in a position of beng intolerable to the majority party, and my goals for doing what is best for Trumbull were thwarted because I would not fall in line.   I can no longer work in this kind of atmosphere, where everything is done in the name of power and politics and not really in Trumbull's best interests.    I have delayed leaving in order to fialize the redistricting.  It is, however, my plan to help wherever I can, as a volunteer and to assist Laurel in her new position."

"I am sure she will be a fine Registrar as she is intelligent, has had experience working at the polls in many positions and as moderator, and most importantly...she cares and will try to protect and do what is best for the people we represent through the election process, a belief we both share.  She is going to be great!", Aiello continued.

The redistricting process had been hard on the democrats serving on the Redistricting Committee. They charged that there had been no real debate or considerations of alternative plans. The final vote was the party line, three republicans to two democrats.

After that, Aiello refused to sign off on a letter finalizing the four new polling places, citing the same concerns with a four-district versus seven-district plan.

Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo praised Aiello. "She did a great job. She's a real hard worker. We'll miss her," DiNardo said, adding that Aiello recommended her replacement.

Also, recently, Republican Andrew Palo converted to a democrat. He was elected to the Board of Finance as a republican.

Thomas Tesoro July 12, 2012 at 12:42 PM
It is sad to see that Trumbull is held hostage to the whims of the Trumbull Republican Town Committee (TRTC). The TRTC and the Republicans continue to nurse decades old grievances and, as a result, the people of Trumbull lose dedicated public servants. Now, with primaries and a Presidential election looming the Republicans will have to face the ill conceived and poorly thought out Republican redistricting plan with an inexperienced staff. This is what happens when power goes to your head, when you refuse to listen and when you put the interest of the Republican Party before the good of the people. .. I wonder who the Republicans will appoint to replace Ms. Miranti, Watch closely and see if the Republican "Friends and Family" program continues.
TrumbullSr July 12, 2012 at 12:42 PM
Thank you Jane for your years of service to the community. I wish you well in the future.
louis July 12, 2012 at 05:12 PM
It is sad to see that politics is being used to ruin careers. The tyrant never admits wrong, he will fire everyone who works for them, he will prevent fair opportunity but they simply cannot see what they have become. They will question entire structures, but will hide behind the law to justify their abuses. Obviously something is wrong with the local politics, when the party of the republic nominates unqualified people such as Rutigliano, when long serving registrar's are summarily dismissed, when porn operations are run out of town hall. Fellow citizens, has this become the party to conserve the republic or lead to its disintigration?


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