Trumbull EMS Executive Director Job Closer to Reality

The official would report to the police chief and the first selectman.

Trumbull EMS could have an executive director if the Town Council approves the position.

A funding transfer approved 4-1 (with one abstention) by the Board of Finance pushed the job closer to reality, but debate centered on to whom the director would report.

There is a strong candidate for the job if it is approved, First Selectman Tim Herbst said.

Herbst said TEMS is "as critical a function as any other service provider." The Holdsworth Report detailed changes needed for TEMS, including hiring an executive director and changing the staffing structure. TEMS used to be a volunteer service but has since become a hybrid.

Trumbull EMS Commission Chairman Joe Rodriguez said TEMS Director Barbara Crandall is doing two jobs and should not be.

"Even before the report, I saw the need for an executive director," Rodriguez said. There used be a leadership team of eight people to handle various functions, but now there are three people.

Finance board member Tom Tesoro said the Holdsworth report contained errors and suggested tabling it.  He said he supported the position but added the TEMS commision needs a "strong and active role."

The executive director should be answerable to the commission, Tesoro noted. He abstained from voting.

Susan LaFrance, another finance board member, said a delay in voting could put the town at risk, a charge which Tesoro vehemently denied.

His colleague, Andrew Palo, said he also supported the position but questioned the process. He said he wanted to hear from the TEMS Commission first.


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The Executive Director's Job

According to the job posting:

  • The Executive Director's primary responsibility is to oversee the daily functions of the Trumbull Emergency Medical Services (TEMS), which shall include an ongoing evaluation, compilation and review of service operating systems, helping to plan for the needs of the agencies and public that is served. In addition, the Executive Director shall be required to develop a long range plan that develops a clear chain of command, develops a contracted EMS force that is supplemented by a strong volunteer corps. The Executive Director shall develop a financial plan that generates enough revenue to make the organization financially self-sustaining while allowing TEMS to provide a critical life-saving function.
  • The Executive Director will need to have a full understanding of Connecticut EMS Regulations, South West Regional Protocols, TEMS By-Laws, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and employee manual.

The responsibilities will be:

  • Problem resolution and supervision of both TEMS volunteers and contracted paramedic personnel
  • Hiring, disciplining and termination of personnel in concert with the Town's Personnel Department
  • Staff scheduling and overtime cost containment
  • Performing annual personnel reviews.
  • Working with other Town Departments to plan EMS coverage for large public gatherings in the Town
  • Participating in the South West EMS Regional Council planning activities
  • Working with Town Finance Department to ensure proper revenue collection and spending practices
  • Participating in the development and delivery of community health initiatives
  • Working with the Trumbull Board of Education to create an EMS awareness and recruitment program in the school system
  • Responding to calls as back up when necessary to ensure service area coverage.

The candidate should have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and a minimum certification of Connecticut licensed EMT or EMT-P in good standing. He/She must also have a minimum four years of documented experience as either a Chief or Assistant Chief of an EMS service that consists of volunteers, employee personnel and contractual personnel.

The new director should also be able to obtain Regional Medical Control within 90 days of appointment, according to the posting.

DS February 20, 2013 at 12:03 PM
What does the benefits package look like ? Another waste of taxpayer $$
Thomas Tesoro February 20, 2013 at 01:46 PM
I support the creation of this position. Second, I support the individual selected by the interview group. While I think the Charter Revision Commission did a poor job, the Charter was just revised in December of 2011 and it is the governing Document of our Community. Whether we like it or not, we have to abide by it. How is the Charter relevant? It it relevant because the Charter gives the EMS Commission, and ONLY THE EMS COMMISSION, the power to manage the EMS.. No where does it give the First Selectman, the Chief of Police or any combination of the two the right to manage EMS. Throughout this entire process, niot once have I heard from the Commission. The head of the Commission spoke at our hearing but he made it crystal clear he was speaking ONLY for himself. The Holdsworth Report never once references our Charter but instead states, without reason, that this new position must report to the Firest Selectman and The Chief of Police. That is a direct contradiction to the Charter. I suggested that the matter be tabled for one month to reconcile this important element. Inexplicably, this simple sound suggestion was met with tremendous resistance and the assertion that because the Charter language was old and that things have changed we can ignore the Charter. This is wrong. Finally, the assertion that this delay will somehow imperil the public makes no sense. The EMS has operated successfully for 35 years. One month will make no difference.
TrumbullSr February 20, 2013 at 02:30 PM
And so it goes with the Republican control. Cite the charter when it suits, ignore it when it's inconvenient. Push things through without due diligence and suffer the consequences like the NN sewers, the SV purge and I could go on and on. This need to rush things along without proper vetting signals to me that a potential campaign contributor is just waiting in the wings for his/her payday. Hopefully this person will be somewhat qualified unlike the new Ex Dir at Stern Village of the THA Atty.
Thomas Tesoro February 20, 2013 at 05:32 PM
There are three principles here: First is respect for the Charter and checks and balances. Second, respect for the Citizen volunteers that make up EMS. Third, doing something right the first time. It is no secret that I believe the Charter in place today was the product of a flawed process, lacked public input and was ruched through in spite of its shortcomings. Nevertheless the Republicans rammed it through and the voters passed it. That means that it is our governing document and it must be followed. The assertions by the First Selectman that the language is old, that things have changed and as such the clear and unequivocal language of the Charter should be ignored. This is bad government and sets dangerous precedents for the future. Second, the Commission, as a Commission has not weighed in on the subject. Also, since the Chater gives them, and them alone, responsibility for managing EMS, they and they alone can delegate all or part of that authority. For the First Selectman to trample the Charter and the Commission by unilaterally declaring the Charter void is once again bad government and an insult to the Commissioners who volunteer for our Community. Finally, the proper way to do this is for the Commission and the Administration to meet, agree on who does what and where this position reports. This way the new person comes on board with everyone on the same page and with complete clarity as to everyone's roles and responsibilities. Why is this so hard?
TrumbullSr February 20, 2013 at 06:52 PM
Because Tim wants complete control of everything that happens in Trumbull. That would be terrible even if he knew what he was doing but the record shows debacle after mistake after disaster. He really needs to go. I call on the Democratic leadership to announce a candidate soon of appoint a spokesperson to comment on all that is going wrong in town government. There is plenty to talk about. Don't wait until the last minute.


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