Trumbull Leaf Pickup to Start on Main Streets

It will no longer be organized by districts.

Main streets and northern Trumbull will see town leaf pick up first this year.

"All main roads will be done first, starting on Monday, 11/5/12. This should take 2 full weeks. On 11/19, we will then start from the north end of town (since that’s when the leaves fall first) and continue south, one crew on each side of the Pequonnock Valley, until finished," according to Public Works Director John Marsilio. 

"We are asking all residents to put their leaves at the curbline as soon as possible, so the south side of town, which is scheduled at the end of the program, will be ready if scheduling can be accelerated," he added.

Leaf pickup progress can be tracked on Trumbull's Website.


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The town also issued several caveats:

  • Weather conditions may push the leaf schedule back.
  • Pickup is done only once on each street. Do not expect to have the trucks return.
  • Be sure to put leaves out by the gutter before the trucks come by.
  • Do not put leaves in the roadway. Violations mean a $90 fine.

"While some people think the leaves kill the grass, our experience shows this does not happen frequently. The grass may show signs of stress because it is covered over, but come the spring most residents report no problem. This is particularly true if we are able to keep the program on schedule," the release states. 

Alternative disposal methods include creating your own compost site, or bringing them into your woods (that belong to you). 

Residents in all districts may call for bagged leaf pickup throughout the program period: 452-5070 or 452-5071. All bagged leaves must be in paper bags or they will not be picked up. Use these same numbers for any questions or comments.

Thomas Tesoro October 17, 2012 at 02:45 PM
You can do it by Districts because of the foolish Republican redistricting. How does one actually plan for this? I am sure Mr. Marcillio and his team will do an outstanding job but, I like to put my leaves out as close to pick up as possible sothey don't blow all around. I guess I will do more research.
Carol Hudak October 17, 2012 at 06:40 PM
There are NO more districts; only an ugly GOP powergrab with unequal representation. BTW, is the north of Trumbull still in the north and the south in the south? Or has the GOP changed that, too???!!
Stephen October 18, 2012 at 02:04 AM
I hope this new plan works as it seems to have merit. I just don't want excuses, such as blaming the weather if it doesn't work. Two years ago, we didn't get a flake of snow until Dec. 26th, but the town never came to pick up the leaves because after that we had the snowiest January ever. It wasn't until just before Easter, weeks after the snow had melted, that leaves were finally picked up. That was Mr. Marsilio's first year on the job and Mr. Herbst blamed the weather.
Bill Holden October 19, 2012 at 11:05 PM
I believe the leaf pick up program for 2012 is exactly the same as was used in 2011. The leaves dobn't know what voting district them are in, nor do they care. Last year was the most efficient leaf pick up program that I can remember since the inception of a leaf pick up program. It only makes sense to work from North to South, reagardless of voting district boundaries based on State dictated boundaries. The northern part of town can have an elevation of about 400 feet higher then the southern part of town. (Think of the old "snow above the Parkway and rain below the parkway.") Some people are just looking for any opportunuity to criticize the new districts. The new districts will work well given a chance.


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