Trumbull RTC: Silber Should Resign

Jack Testani
Jack Testani

The following information comes from the Trumbull Republican Town Committee.

The following is a statement from Trumbull Republican Town Committee Chairman/Jack Testani suggesting that Tony Silber resign from the Planning and Zoning Commission because of his abysmal attendance record.  Mr. Silber is the architect of the recent attack on the Chairman of the Trumbull Board of Education/Deborah Herbst.

Trumbull Republican Town Committee Chairman Jack Testani on Monday called on Tony Silber “Marketing Communications Director” for the Trumbull Democratic Party to resign from the Planning and Zoning Commission.

“Mr. Silber has missed 31 meetings in five years on the Planning and Zoning Commission.  This is a slap in the face to the Trumbull voters,” stated Testani. “The Planning and Zoning Commission is one of the most important boards in the Town of Trumbull.  This board dictates our land use and long range planning which has an important impact on our tax base and our quality of life.

When commissioners like Tony Chory, Richard Deecken and even Democrats like Fred Garrity are working hard to properly plan the Town for today and the future, Mr. Silber has been missing in action.” 

Testani went on to say “A review of Planning and Zoning Commission meeting minutes since 2008 reveal the following:

In 2008, Mr. Silber missed 7 meetings;

In 2009, Mr. Silber missed 4 meetings;

In 2010, Mr. Silber missed 5 meetings;

In 2011, Mr. Silber missed 4 meetings;

In 2012, Mr. Silber missed 5 meetings;

In 2013, Mr. Silber missed 6 meetings;

Testani noted that this year has been the second worst for Mr. Silber’s attendance, while probably being one of the most important years for the commission as it finalizes revisions to the Town Plan of Conservation and Development.  

“The Town Plan of Conservation and Development is an important document that will help to create commerce, increase economic development and grow our tax base, while preserving our rich character.  Mr. Silber’s attendance record shows a complete lack of respect for the Trumbull taxpayers who entrusted Mr. Silber with the responsibility of protecting the Town’s character and our residential neighborhoods.”

Testani concluded that while Mr. Silber apparently does not have enough time to serve the citizens of Trumbull, he does have enough time to be the Trumbull Democratic Party’s spokesperson. 

“What is very troubling is like others before him, Mr. Silber has a Svengali like hold on the current membership of the Trumbull Democratic Party. Instead of attending to his responsibility on the Planning and Zoning Commission, Mr. Silber seems to utilize his time issuing statement of  personal attacks like his recent criticism of Board of Education Chairman/Deborah Herbst. 

"Land use boards shouldn’t be political and Mr. Silber unfortunately has demonstrated that he is nothing more than a partisan sycophant.  It is time for Nancy DiNardo, Trumbull Democrats and the citizens of Trumbull to demand his resignation from the Planning and Zoning Commission.” 

Thomas Tesoro December 12, 2013 at 11:47 AM
Mr. Silber made a legitimate point. No matter where you come down on the issue raised by Mr. Silber, he raised his point respectfully and it is a subject for legitimate discussion. Mr. Testani's responses are a poorly disguised attempt to deflect discussion from the points raised by Mr. Silber. Mr. Testani should stick to the topic raised and keep the juvenile responses where they belong, in the gutter.


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