Trumbull's Bevilacqua Has More Concert Questions

He said he plans on filing another request to the state Freedom of Information Commission.

Resident Louis Bevilacqua, who is asking for town concert documents under the Freedom of Information Act, said he plans on asking for more information.

He posted a list of other requests he plans to make to the state FOI Commission.

They are:

  • "The right to review all contracts executed by the Town of Trumbull with Michael Bolton, Gin Blossoms or his representatives, designees and assignees for an anticipated Trumbull Day concert.
  • "Copies of all checks issued to the performers and other interested parties, including for bus transportation or shuttle from the High School to Indian Ledge.
  • "Copies of all vendor contracts for food providers, caterers; is the concessions contract won through competitive bid and or is there one main provider of food services and what is the process for licensees to receive permits.
  • "All reports and memos concerning ticket sales regardless of how they are stored.
  • "How did the original concert series from the 70s which was free transition into an event which required $40 ticket fees.  Was this voted on by the the town council to make this change?  When did the Trumbull Day commission become defunct and was that a vote by the council. I would like to see any minutes regarding this."

 Bevilacqua's first request remains pending before the commission.

A hearing is scheduled for today in Hartford.


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