Trumbull's Elaine Hammers Gets GOP Verrilli Award

Hammers, chairwoman of the Board of Finance, is the 12th winner of the Frank D. Verrilli Award.

In addition to a launching ground for First Selectman Tim Herbst's re-election campaign, Sunday night's Lincoln-Reagan Dinner at the Trumbull Marriott honored many Trumbull republicans.

Among them was Elaine Hammers, who has volunteered on town boards and commissions for years and has worked in Hartford as a state representative and on the Labor Board. Her latest position is chairwoman of the Board of Finance.

At the dinner, the GOP gives out the Frank D. Verrilli awards to a Trumbull Republican "who demonstrates advancing the selfless dedication, time and effort to advancing the ideals and causes of the Trumbull Republican Town Committee."

Past winners, starting in 2001, are Bill Holden, Ken Halaby, Gail Hanna Vivian Burr, Loretta Chory and Scarpelli, Domenic and Suzanne Burr Monaco, John and Diane (Dee) Chiota, Carl A. Massaro Jr., William A. Crooks, William B. Chin, Jane Deyoe and Mary Moran.

Hammers, chief operating officer and business manager of Hammers Healthcare Imaging LLC, started volunteering in 1985. She also volunteered for the Rotary Club of Trumbull, at the Center for Women and Families.

She has been married to husband, Lynwood, for 40 years and has two children.

JR March 05, 2013 at 12:08 PM
I believe you meant to type William A. Crooks, not Crools.
Aaron Leo March 05, 2013 at 12:37 PM
Yes, you are right. Thanks. Sorry about the typo.


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