Trumbull Supt.: 1 Trumbull Fatality from Sandy; February Vacation at Risk

One death occurred at Stern Village and another resident died after falling off a ladder. Meanwhile, the school year will end June 21 instead of June 13th. Any more closings will eat into February break.

One person died, a school roof was damaged and the school year will be extended because of Hurricane Sandy, Trumbull Schools Supt. Ralph Iassogna said.

Iassogna made the statement at a Board of Education meeting Nov. 13.

An emergency management team including Iassogna, police and First Selectman Tim Herbst carried out numerous tasks, from locating ice so residents can chill medication to moving people to emergency shelters.

He said town officials tried to relocate as many residents of Stern Village as possible, and one resident died. The site houses the elderly and disabled. Police spokesman Deputy Police Chief Michael Harry said the storm may not have caused the resident's death.


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The second person was a 65-year-old homeowner who "fell from the roof of his garage while trying to remove branches from a fallen tree," Harry said.

The superintendent praised the team and town residents for their actions to protect Sandy's victims. "Everybody pitched in. Everybody helped out in an any way they can," Iassogna said.

But there is still the matter of making up school days. The school year was originally supposed to end June 13, but five days off because of Sandy and one more for a Nor'easter will extend it.

The six days were built into the calendar after Hurricane Irene delayed school opening last year, Iassogna said.

With winter approaching, further snow days will eat into February vacation.

"We're still planning on the April break," Iassogna said.

School Board Vice Chair Deborah Herbst praised the emergency management team. "I think they did a yeoman's job taking care of all of us," she said.


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