Trumbull TV Holiday Viewing

Trumbull Government Televised

Missed a meeting? Want to watch it again? Here's the schedule for Channel 17/99 through Dec. 26, 2012.

2:00 AM  Dartmouth Aires A Cappella Concert (1h, 6m) 
3:15 AM Middlebrook Winter Concert (44m)
4:00 AM  Govt: Board of Education 12/4 (2h, 15m)
6:30 AM Govt: Board of Education 12/6 (3h, 5m) 
10:00 AM Dartmouth Aires A Cappella Concert (1h, 6m) 
11:30 AM Middlebrook Winter Concert (44m)
12:30 PM Govt: Zoning Board of Appeals 12/5 (24m)
1:00 PM  Govt:  WPCA 12/12 (1h,18m)
2:30 PM  Govt:  Inland Wetlands 12/4 (1h, 47m)
4:30 PM  Madison Winter Band Concert (56m)
5:30 PM  Dartmouth Aires A Cappella Concert (1h, 6m)    
7:00 PM Rotary: Freshman Speech Competition (51m)
8:00 PM Govt: Board of Education 12/4 (2h, 15m)
10:30 PM  Govt: Board of Education 12/6 (3h, 5m) 


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