Tune In This Week

Trumbull government televised: programming on Channel 17/99 through Dec. 12.

Missed a meeting? Want to watch it again? Here's the schedule through Dec. 12, 2012.

4:30 AM  Trumbull Cares Prevention Network (1h, 2m) 
6:00 AM Govt:  Building Committee 11/14 (1h, 50m)
8:00 AM What’s in Your Food (1h, 32m)
10:00 AM Gettysburg: Soldier & Civilian (1h, 18m)
11:30 AM Trumbull Cares Prevention Network (1h, 2m)               
1:00 PM  Govt:  Building Committee 11/14 (1h, 50m)
3:00 PM  Govt:  Plan & Zone 11/14 (3h, 47m)     
7:00 PM THS Veterans Day Assembly (1h, 25m)             
8:30 PM Govt:  WPCA 11/20 (1h,  56m)
10:30 PM  Nursing during Civil War (1h, 2m)
11:45 PM  Govt:  Plan & Zone 11/14 (3h, 47m)



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