Middlebrook School, Trumbull, Day 2

How have things changed in other Trumbull schools since the Newtown shooting? Tell Patch in the comment section.

Dear Middlebrook Families,

          Our morning began very smoothly.  We opened the front doors to buses and the circle side doors for drop-offs at 8:20, then closed and locked the doors by 8:35, when our students were in the building.  I thank you for following our morning guidelines, which helped to maintain a secure building for our students.

          We had an announced practice “lock down” today, which is one of our safety procedures.  The Middlebrook staff did an incredible job of preparing our students for the drill and making them feel safe and cared for.  I am proud of our students, because they respectfully followed the procedure.  Remind your child tonight that we practice various safety drills to be prepared in an emergency, but we hope we never have to face that moment.

          I had the joy of welcoming your child as he/she came through the door in the morning, visited each class throughout the day to check-in on the staff and students, ate lunch with a few classes, and waved goodbye in the afternoon.  Thank you for sending your child to school to learn and grow with us.  Know that we will continue to update you about the next few days of school for your child, as we understand how important communication is to you.


Patricia Frillici

Principal of Middlebrook School

Brian LeClerc December 19, 2012 at 07:18 PM
What is the intent in posting a letter from school administrators to parents on this site? This is a private letter outlining some of the steps being taken to keep our kids safe. This was a BAD CALL, better judgement should be used by TrumbullPatch in the future.


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