Kindness of...well, everyone.

Hurricane Sandy showed me kindness in the darnedest place...everywhere!

It is AMAZING how kindness POPS ITS PRETTY HEAD out more often than not, during a horrible event. Hurricane Sandy is no exception.

The Superintendent for Trumbull Parks & Rec was driving through our neighborhood when he noticed our 75 to 80 foot Oak tree in the front of our home was hanging dangerously over our home. The tree had split and was starting to give. He stopped completely out of kindness. (Thank you) One thing led to another and the Police & Fire Chief arrived to vacate us from our home. (Thank you both)  The tree now put us in a situation of imminent danger of losing our life, should it fall while we were in our home. They didn't even want my husband to go back in to put on shoes or grab his wallet. The fear on these grown men's faces scared me more than the words they were saying. And as I am sure many of you have done over the last week...I began to cry.  Not only because of the potential loss of our home, but because the person I love the most could have been hurt or worse. What truly matters became ever so clear at that moment. 

Now, I happen to also own a Social Media company and I am obsessed with it. All of it. I love knowing what is going on and where, seeing new products, sales, promotions & event updates. Show me, tell me, talk to me, Facebook me, Instagram me, Tweet me! I love it! 

This week I loved Social Media for showing me how incredibly caring & compassionate it can be. For showing me how strangers can bond together to create a place of kindness & encourageing words. A place of assistance & very much needed updates & information. (Thank you)

I was so fortunate to be a part of amazing streams on Twitter & Facebook. Folks full of love for their hometowns & one another. People posting updates of who was in need, of area's hit hardest and utility stats, and posts of where to get a hot meal or a list of shelters to keep you and your loved ones (pets included) safe.  And with tweets of kindness, courage, strength & information, the Twitter stream had a 'never give up' feel to it. I constantly felt compelled to check Twitter the most, because I could cover so much more information ground in such a short amount of time. (Thank you)

I, like many, was out of my home & had no power, so my Twitter Feed on my phone was my connection to the rest of the world.

My connection to all of you!

It was my way of knowing that all was okay. Basically, for the past 5 days, Twitter was my binky... well, its true! My husband & Twitter-to be totally clear.

Kindness is a beautiful act, kindness of friends, neighbors & strangers.

We were taken in every day by our neighbor (Justine) (Thank you) so we could be near our home. I had to watch & monitor our falling tree. Watching it had a feeling similar to watching water, waiting for it to boil.  Justine's daily kindness overwhelmed us, and she treated us as if we had known her for years. Her home was our home, including Rosie our bulldog. As we all sat together with the twinkling light from the fireplace, we would listen to the radio, then check in on Twitter, then radio, then Twitter. 

Just knowing what was going on in the outside world was a huge relief.

When the professionals at North Shore Tree Service started to save our home from the looming devastation that a leaning 80 foot Oak tree posed, I took a breath and felt nothing but gratitude. (Thank you)

I sit back in awe of all that has occurred. Reminded of the power of nature & all her fury.

At the same time, I have been reminded of the kindness we all carry in us. The part of us that protects our neighbor and leaps into action for whomever is in need. That part of us that just knows we are supposed to bond together.  We are supposed to be a community. We are supposed to care for one another.

For that short amount of time, our walls come down & our heart opens up just a little bit more than it had the day before. Our faith in everything turning out alright becomes strong & unwavering.

In the wrath of chaos, we become the best version of ourself.

I hope you and yours are safe, and surrounded by kindness during these days.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

~ Stephanie

Some suggested Twitter Feeds for you to follow for everyday info in Milford CT: @MilfordCTPatch, @MilfordTwitTalk, @TheMilfordBank, @MilfordChamber

For weather & safety, these are great too: @StormTeam8, @WTNH, @CTDPH

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Stephanie Gerke-Pelizzari November 03, 2012 at 02:10 PM
I should also mentions that I got my Tree people from a great guy in my Chamber of Commerce Leads Group. I sent an email for help & received 26 emails back. So Thank you too!
Priscilla Lynn November 04, 2012 at 04:37 PM
Stephanie: so glad you and your family are safe, but sorry to hear what you had to go through. The power of networking and the kindness of strangers is an awesome thing.


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