Sun Products to Exhibit at GreenSpring Country Fair

by Michael Daoust

We at Sun Products are active in the community and eager to support efforts by local volunteer groups.
One organization with which we have worked closely is the Trumbull Nature and
Arts Center (TNAC). In 2009 and 2010, Sun Products sponsored and built the Full Circle Playground at the TNAC. As part of this initiative, local schoolchildren
collected used plastic containers that were recycled into sustainable lumber,
providing additional site amenities at the Trumbull Nature and Arts Center. This
project was a great success at educating and energizing the students of the
Trumbull public school system.
Sun Products is again supporting an important effort by the Trumbull Nature and Arts Center. We are a major sponsor of the upcoming GreenSpring Country Fair on May 20.  We are striving to make this a successful community-wide event.  As you know, we are planning to have numerous enjoyable exhibits and performances at the Fair.  Equally as important, we hope to bolster the efforts of the Trumbull Nature and Arts Center.  The TNAC is attempting to build a new center that will help them to advance their important work in the community.


Michael Daoust

Director, R&D
Sun Products Corp.
30 Trefoil Drive
Trumbull, CT


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