School Officials: Photo of Bus Stop Misconstrued

Credit: Contributed
Credit: Contributed

Editor's Note: The headline has been changed and the information updated.

Trumbull school officials have clarified the photo allegedly showing parents blocking an overcrowded school bus near the Eaves by Avalon on Old Town Road.

According to Transportation Manager Dawn Perkins, "I was at the Avalon Gates bus stop this morning (Frenchtown Elementary School students) to meet with the parents and address their concerns regarding possible overcrowding. This was a planned evaluation of the situation carried out by myself along with Dattco staff," she said.

She added: 

·        "The mom that they “loved” who “stood in front of the bus” is in fact  Ms. Lisa Nowalkowsi,  Dattco General Manager, Trumbull"

·         "The person standing to her left is also not a concerned parent who is blocking the bus; but rather, Mr. Steve Grayson, District Safety Manager/Dattco."

·         "The person to his left is Ms. Dawn Perkins, Transportation Coordinator, Trumbull Public Schools."

·         "Behind the bus in the picture is a second bus that was scheduled to follow the first bus to pick up additional students in the event that the first bus was overcapacity."

"The safety of our students is always of paramount importance to our district’s transportation efforts," Perkins concluded. "As we continue to work on a resolution the children’s safety will be a top priority. These inaccurate assumptions [regarding the photo] are disheartening."

Initially, the reports were that parents at Avalon Gates blocked a school bus this morning because it was allegedly overcrowded. 
Heidi Langan August 29, 2013 at 07:45 PM
I am the one in the black shorts and white tee...I wish the facts were straight before published.
Aaron Leo August 29, 2013 at 09:00 PM
Thank you for identifying yourself Heidi.
Heidi Langan August 30, 2013 at 07:06 AM
No disrespect to the Patch, Aaron... This is just an incredibly stressful situation for the parents involved. We just care about the safety of our children and want them to have a calm and happy ride on the , what can be, scary bus!


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