THS Thespian Society Battling for 'Rent'

The following comes from Facebook from Thespian Society President Larissa Mark.

Dear Thespians, THS students, and all people interested in RENT,

RENT deals with many taboos in our society including homosexuality, drug use and disease. For many of us, this invokes a very emotional response that we feel must be remedied. However, we must also respect the administration. We in no way want to make the administration feel threatened by our actions or feel like we are usurping them since they are doing what they truly believe is best for the school and the Trumbull High community. We are upset, but we must also respect whatever decision is made.
This does not mean we cannot express our ideas. Our voices can be heard. 

1) If you would like to help, please collect signatures from your fellow students on these official petition forms. You can either print them out for yourselves, or I will be handing out petition forms in the morning outside of the Senior Lounge starting at 7:00am. Please, your fellow students to sign their name so we can show how much of Trumbull High is in support of this production. 


I will collect all petition forms at the end of the day outside the Senior Lounge.
2) We will get nowhere in our campaign if we act confrontationally and forcefully on this topic. We should not scream, fight or in any way threaten the administration for making a very hard decision. Our goal should be to respectfully show that we are upset and do believe that RENT could be a very successful show for Trumbull High School. If you see Mr. Guarino please tell him something to the effect that we understand RENT is a scary endeavor, but that we please ask him to reconsider.
3) Please do not act in anyway against this goal of creating an atmosphere that showing that we are upset, but respectful.

Trumbull Residents: 
Trumbull has always been an accepting town. I am asking all parents to please fill out this survey on if you are in support of Trumbull doing RENT or not. As part of our campaign it is necessary to garner data on Trumbull’s opinions of this musical. Whether Trumbull residents are in support or not, it is important for us to note. Please share this survey with as many Trumbull Adults as possible.


Trumbull, taking on a production of RENT is a monumental task, but many of us in the theater department believe that it could be a very successful and eye opening experience for this town. I implore you to stay calm, avoid emotional outbursts and help this cause as best as possible.

Please share this status with as many people as possible.

Thank you,
Larissa Mark
President of our Thespian Society


Thomas Tesoro November 27, 2013 at 12:47 PM
I commend the students for doing the right thing, that is, using the process of appeal in a respectful way. It speaks well of the students that they are willing to explore controversial topics and that they are willing to respectfully appeal a decision they disagree with. They give me hope for the future.
Joe Smith November 28, 2013 at 09:23 AM
You know whose not going to stand for this? Little Timmy. He loves the arts at the High school. He never misses an opportunity to be up on the stage, singing with the choir at Christmas, greeting the town's seniors at the specially catered free show in March, or getting the local church to pray for his blessing before election day. Just last year after what happened in Sandy Hook the first selectman said that performances is what keep kids safe. Besides as a firm supporter of freedom like a good republican he can't be for censorship. And of all people I'm sure he supports the rights of gays. I bet he shows true leadership and addresses this issue when he is once again on stage at the high school for his swearing in ceremony on Monday. We should all be there to watch him take a stand and lead this community out of the 20th century and into the 21st to join Westport, Grennwich, Fairfield.


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