Tree Royalty in Trumbull: Video Features Descendant of Original Charter Oak

Supposed descendant of the legendary Charter Oaks stands in front of Trumbull Town Hall.

As part of a YouTube documentary series, “Charter Oak Project,” user crocostimpy uploaded a video featuring the White Oak that stands in front of Trumbull Town Hall, a supposed descendant of the original Charter Oak.

The original Charter Oak was used to hide the Royal Charter, which established Connecticut as an independent colony.

According to legend, in 1687, New York Gov. Edmund Andros and a retinue of soldiers came to Hartford demanding the Charter and the colony’s surrender to his authority.

Before Andros could take possession of the Charter, it was stolen away and allegedly hidden in a large White Oak, securing the colony’s claim to independence.

Since then, the Charter Oak has been our state’s symbol of freedom and American spirit.

In 1965, acorns from three Charter Oak descendants were given to 84 towns in honor of the state’s Constitutional Convention.

Almost 50 years later, the video series focuses on each of the trees spread around the state.

In Part 37 of the series, crocostimpy features the White Oak in Trumbull in a clip that runs just under 3 minutes.

See more from the Charter Oak Project on YouTube.


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