Trumbull Animal Shelter Opens its Addition with Adoptions [Video]

A fun day of hope for humans and animals alike at the Trumbull Animal Shelter.

The sun shined brightly as a beacon of hope for the array of animals in need of a good home from the during its Grand Re-opening and Adoption Day recently.

The expansion is now the home of the cats that are available for adoption at the shelter.

Animal Control Officer Lynn Dellabianca, who has had almost 24 years of experience, explained why the addition was needed.

“We definitely needed the room,” Dellabianca said. “It was built in the 1960s and it was really housing only dogs. It’s now 2011, and we are now getting other types of animals and we had no room to house them.”

When asked for the most unusual animal she has picked up recently, her thoughts went back to last summer.

“We had a big green iguana whose body alone was two feet long,” Dellabianca remembered. “You see them all over Florida, but hardly ever here, so that was interesting.”

“We’re seeing chickens once and a while, too.” Dellabianca also commented. When asked how easily the chickens found homes, she commented on how many farms in the area are looking for them.

On adopting pets, Dellabianca offers the advice that people should research the varied breeds of dogs before adopting so that they know what breed of dog will fit their lifestyle.

The final advice that Dellabianca had was simple.

“It’s really a privilege owning a pet. People think it’s their right and all that stuff, but they should really look at it as a privilege.”

Dellabianca noted that a husky dog and four kittens were adopted by the end of the day.


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