Footloose in Trumbull

The Trumbull Youth Association's latest summer production premieres this week.

When: AUGUST 2-4 at 8PM

AUGUST 5th at 2PM

TICKETS Available on-line and at the door. For more information visit our website:www.trumbullyouth.org

The Cast of Footloose:

Ren McCormack- Andrew Tallian

Ariel Moore- Kaylin Weller

Rusty- Kathryn Wright

Urleen- Marcelle Morrisey

Wendy Jo- Annie Stachura

Reverend Shaw Moore- Michael McGannon

Vi Moore- Rachel Lewis

Willard Hewitt- Kevin Durkee

Chuck Cranston- Ryan McEniry

Ethel McCormack- Jenny Bolton

Wes Warnicker- Ethan Friedson

Lulu Warnicker- Sarah Tyler

Coach Roger Dunbar- 

Eleanor Dunbar- Sarah Tropp 

Jeter- Michael Ell

Bickle- Nicholas Grew 

Garvin- Dhafir Jackson 

Lyle – Nathan Clift 

Travis- Dylan Shepard

Cop- Justin Jager

Betty Blast- Natalie Clift

Principal Clark - Noah Levy

Irene and Her Country Kickers- Emily Ruchalski,

Cowboy Bob- Ryan Cyr


Footloose Ensemble:

Townspeople and High School Students:  Laura Portera, Colleen Granberg, Emily Beers, Justin Jager, Daniel Satter, Michael LePore, Jason Keane, Sara Buzel, Becky Smith, Lianne Bisch, Tina DeLucia, Michael McGuigan, Erika Koury, Jillian Wyckoff, Robin Wyckoff, Cameron Kimball, Stephanie Plumeau, Briana LaPegna, Alexa Gunsolley, Sarina Moghadam, Julianne Boggs, Chris Rzasa, Heather Burlant, Gabrielle Tropp, Rachel Tropp, Sarah Baghai, Kayla Plitnick, Michaila Castaldi, Haley Hudler, Rakshana Selvarajan, Bridget Fearon, Katherine Griffin, Cameron Mas, Khalia Fitzgerald, Hailey Pekera, Natalie Biebel, Anna Dydzuhn, Morgan Fried

Michael Wright is making his TYA directorial debut. 

Barbara DeTullio August 02, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Saw it last night...wonderful show! Don't miss it.


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