Redistricting Proposed after Frenchtown Parents Cite Overcrowding

Trumbull Schools Supt. Gary Cialfi.
Trumbull Schools Supt. Gary Cialfi.
The Board of Education will study redistricting after Frenchtown School Parents said students are riding three to a bus seat and getting art on a cart.

They also cited the use of the portable classrooms at Frenchtown, the town's newest school.

According to school district figures as of Aug. 1, Frenchtown has the highest number of students in each grade, from kindergarten to fifth, respectively: 105, 92, 118, 103, 113 and 122. 

"The students are suffering," said one parent. 

School bus overcrowding was highlighted in the first week of school when it was rumored parents blocked a bus at Eaves by Avalon on Old Town Road. But school officials later explained that school officials were assessing the problem and had provided a second bus for the stop.

Parent Kerry Malzewski said more students are enrolled at Frenchtown since school started despite promises not to add more.

"It's disconcerting," she said.

Another parent said he moved to Trumbull in part because of the schools, and recalled attending school in the Bronx with 40 to 50 children to a classroom.

The school board and Supt. Gary Cialfi assured the parents that action will be taken, but study is needed first.

Board Secretary Tom Kelly said Frenchtown's population is unpredictable.

"[There was] no indication this was going to happen," Kelly said. Last year the school population fell below projections, he added.

It will move in three phases, the superintendent said. 

Cialfi said parents and staff would be involved in the redistricting process as well as all six elementary schools. Students' residency will also be checked.


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