Readers' Choice Winner: Bright Horizons Tops the Vote List

The business is located on Route 111 near the Monroe border.

Although it was a later addition to the Readers' Choice Daycare/Preschool poll, Bright Horizons captured the most votes at 39, or 24 percent of 160 respondents.

Close behind was Trumbull Early Childhood Education Center (TECEC) with 28 votes, or 17 percent. In third was the Long Hill Children's Center, owned by the Long Hill United Methodist Church at 16 percent.

Bright Horizons is a child care provider for infants through school-age children. The facility has a large fenced-in playground, a experienced teachers. It has has easy access to Routes 111, 25, 15 and Interstate 95.  

But there were other winners too.

Long Hill Children's Center got three recommendations in the comments section. One of the brightest praises was from a user named Cindy:

"I loved the school so much after my son went there that I stayed to teach at Long Hill too!"

And, she added:

"They have wonderful music and creative movement (gym) programs for all the students each week. They offer additional after-school enrichment programs such as Fitness Fun, Cooking, Nature Program and an Art Enrichment. There is also a Mommy and Me program for two year olds. The school runs a summer camp in a shaded yard that has a sprinkler, bike path, sand box, metal 5 person bike wheel, metal play helicopter, large wooden climb on train and a big playscape with slides, climbers and sliding pole. My son went there and loved it."

B'nai Torah Preschool, St. Theresa School, Creative Development and Bright Horizons also each grabbed praise from readers.

  •  4 (2%)
  • A Silly Day Family Daycare 1 (0%)
  •  12 (7%)
  •  10 (6%)
  •  3 (1%)
  •  0 (0%)
  •  27 (16%)
  •  3 (1%)
  •  0 (0%)
  •  0 (0%)
  •  2 (1%)
  •  28 (17%)
  •  5 (3%)
  •  0 (0%)
  • 1 (0%)
  •  0 (0%)
  •  1 (0%)
  •  39 (24%)
  •  21 (13%)
  • Jewish Community Center of Eastern Fairfield County (Bridgeport) 2 (1%)
  •  1 (0%)
  • Jewish Home for the Elderly Child Care Center (Fairfield) 0 (0%)

Next week, Trumbull Patch is looking for the "Readers' Choice: Best St. Patrick's Day Destination." The voting begins Monday morning.

Editor's NoteAn Internet poll is not the most ideal vote-collection system in the world, as we all know. That's why we always strive to be 100 percent clear with our readers at Patch that this is not in any way a scientific poll. Our readers' choice features are designed to be a fun and completely friendly expression of our collective passion for great food, great service or a great product, all close to home. It's also a fantastic way for small and medium business owners — the lifeblood of our local economy — to show how much they appreciate their customers. We take a look at comments, reviews as well as the poll, not just any one aspect, in communicating back to readers who among the group of businesses may rise to the top in readers' minds.And even if one business mobilizes more "votes" over another, everyone comes away with a lot of visibility, great displays of loyalty and, best yet, our corner of the web now has a great deal more information about local businesses. We live and shop here too, so if anyone wants to learn more about how they can interact with their customers on Patch or have any suggestions for future readers' choice features, don't hesitate to reach out to Trumbull local editor Aaron Leo (aaron.leo@patch.com) or Regional Editor Michael Dinan at michaeld@patch.com. 


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