Bevilacqua Reflects on Rockefeller

Bevilacqua ran for state representative for Trumbull.

Today, local democrat and delegate for John D Rockefeller, Senator from West Virginia, had this reaction to the Senator's announcement, just moments earlier, regarding his retirement from public service after 50 years.

Senator Rockefeller has proven himself over his career to be a good Democrat.  His departure from the Senate will be a great loss for us, not only of leadership but also experience.  He was the first amongst his clan to become a democrat, his idealism was tempered with experience.

The Rockefeller family's place in American history is secure. From His grandfather John Davison's efforts to transform rail travel, to other business interests. From Nelson's efforts to transform New York State as its governor during a time of earthshattering change, his willingness to serve this nation at its greatest time of constitutional peril as the Vice President, to David's spearingheading of commerce, guiding our banking industry through international waters.

Sen. John D Rockefeller IV, a bluebood who was the first to understand that only a democrat can truly represent his ancestrial class to its utmost; that only a democrat can be an aristocrat when he serves the people and his nation, there is no award or commendation that we could bestow that would signify John D Rockefeller's contribution to our party and our nation, except perhaps, my greatest thanks.

Rockefeller understands what it means to be a loyal democrat, he is a big supporter of the president, and puts party and nation before self.  Likewise, I have only admiration for a man who took on the structure that caused the economic collapse of 2008.  Obama literally saved us all, I have only undying loyalty as well for our great president.

Louis Bevilacqua

gail jarvis January 13, 2013 at 06:02 PM
John D Rockefeller IV---was one of the "Greats" that built America. Railroads and Oil. Didn't government regulations make him break-up his oil monopoly? and now his great grandson is finally calling it quits (on his own volition) after serving a 'monopoly' of Political Governing Time in Washington. Funny!!
MAC January 13, 2013 at 10:49 PM
The writer of this tribute is either schizophrenic or has now proved himself to be a cheap opportunist, to leave his DEM party to run for office, and now be sycophantically lavishing praise on a senator of that party. He is especially clueless to ^^all reality^^ to claim that the president he worships "literally saved us all." Yeah, that man sure "saved us" from higher energy costs, higher taxes, more and MORE DEBT, continuing high unemployment and economic hardship (except for his favored Unions and corporate cronies, like GE and Wall St. bankers etc.) more upheaval in the ME, more disrespect from foreign leaders in Europe, China, Russia etc. etc. He most certainly did NOT "save us"!!!
John Kriz January 14, 2013 at 11:14 PM
The term "Rockefeller Republican" originated with Nelson Rockefeller when he was governor of New York. It was a time when one could be fiscally conservative and socially moderate and still be a Republican. I hope to see the return of more moderate Republicans, such as Reagan, Nixon and HWB, in the future. Only then will Republicans be competitive for national office.
louis January 18, 2013 at 01:07 AM
I still have yet to concede, after all, whatever the people want simply doesn't matter anymore if we are are no longer a republic!


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