Sarenee Circle Home Sold for $569K

Homes sales in Trumbull since Nov. 15.

The following properties were sold recently, according to the Trumbull Town Clerk’s Office:

  • 157 Palomino Pass Unit 17, Raymond Loso to Donald Wheeler and Kathleen Wheeler, $295,000
  • 112 Campbell Road, Frank G. Bergami and Suzanne G. Bergami to Yi Ling Chih, $311,500
  • 12 Leighton Road, Judith Falcon Exec. to Pension Services LLC (Easton), $209,000
  • 18 Vintage Road, Edward F. Shaw and Ruth M. Shaw to Karl Kilduff, $335,000
  • 26 Brittany Ave., Jennifer Costantini and Nicola Costantini to Fernando Costantini and Deborah J. Costantini, $470,501
  • 58 Elliott Road, Anne M. Pall Suc. Tr. and James M. Pall Revocable Trust to Brian R. Walsh and Julianne Noonan, $166,500
  • 231 Mayfield Drive, Lawrence S. Reinstein Est. and Michael B. Enson Exec. to Laurie A. Mastrone, $265,000
  • 55 North St., Jian Zhu and Xun Zou to Ciara A. Torres, $360,000
  • 28 Hilltop Drive, Cynthia Metz and Craig Metz to Eric R. Tinson and Kristin G. Tinson, $425,000
  • 45 Sarenee Circle, Neeraj K. Mehta and Jennifer L. Mehta to Joseph J. Firgeleski III and Susan T. Firgeleski, $569,000
  • 42 Old Sawmill Road, Grantor/Grantee unidentified, $292,000
  • 101 Gov. Trumbull Way, Michelle L. Wiggetman to Malvika Kumar and Satish B. Vellanki, $495,000
  • 14 Elliott Circle, Sharon L. Sobolewski Cronk to Nicola Costantini and Jennifer Costantini, $300,000
  • 25 Sherman Ave., Property Renovations LLC to Richard A. Schuler Sr. and Barbara D. Schuler, $310,000


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