Bevilacqua Endorses Obsitnik

Bevilacqua was a democrat.

The candidate for the Conn General Assembly for the 123rd district, who has petitioned his way onto the ballot, Republican Louis A. Bevilacqua, today announced his support for Fourth Congressional Candidate and Naval Officer, Steve Obsitnik.  Obsitnik, whose father was Ambassador to the Republic of Slovakia, is a strong principled Republican who would provide the kind of conservative virtues we need as representation in the federal legislature.  His authentic limited government approach is similar to Mr. Bevilacqua's position, and he selected Mr Bevilacqua as his local campaign coordinator for the town of Trumbull.

"I like Steve Obsitnik, I've campaigned with him and his type of politics will be the principled conservativism we need in Washington," said Mr. Bevilacqua. "I am proud to stand with him in whichever way I can;  Government that is intrusive is neither in the interest of the Republic nor individualism.  We cannot achieve our potential as a people if we have to climb a mountain of regulation."

Mr Obsitnik, himself a politician and Naval Officer was reared in a patriotic household committed to public service, his father was selected as a diplomat under the administration of George HW Bush.  As Ambassador to Slovakia, the senior Mr. Obsitnik oversaw the great transitions at play in the former Eastern block as Europe was enlarging following the ratification of a common currency.  His personal experience with the bacterium that is Socialism is a lesson we can ill afford to repeat in America.  

Fairfield County, in many ways, experiencing a strange political blip, is currently represented by Liberal James Himes.  The Democrat from Cos Cob has fed an apple of fiscal conservatism and left wing cultural socialism to the extremely conservative district represented by Republicans in most instances since the 19th century.  Himes' success is largely the result of poor challengers since 2008.  Mr Obsitnik, from Westport, will remedy the lack of competition.  Mr. Himes' only competition was a candidate from Shelton, recently brought into the 4th CD, the result of redistricting (originally found in the Waterbury based 5th congressional district) and in many ways was out of line with the district which is the bedroom community to New York City. 

"One thing is true about liberals" concluded Mr. Bevilacqua     "One way or another, they will find a way to take our money while giving us nothing in return.  We need real Republicans, like us, to get the job done."  "Our instinct to extend an olive branch of diplomacy is frequently swatted away, as we were witness to this week with the savage murder of our representative in Libya.  Only principled leadership will guide us in these days." 

Republican Congressman from the 4th became nationally significant during the 20th century.  Names such as  S. Merritt (from whom the Merritt parkway was named), actor of stage and screen, John Davis Lodge, Claire Luce Booth, wife of Time Magazine's founder and Senator Lowell Weicker have once held the seat now kept by ultra liberal Himes.

Lawn signs and car magnets are available to show your support of Mr. Obsitnik by contacting Mr. Bevilacqua at his email:  L.Bevilacqua@hotmail.com


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