Bevilacqua Has 86 Signatures for 123rd Race

Bevilacqua recently became a republican. He was a democrat.

Connecticut state law affords the possibility (which is growing into a necessity in our current dysfunctional politics) of petitioning onto the ballot without gaining the nomination of either major party faction.  This is a common sense process designed to determine the will of the people, and most states have such a mechanism.  I have contacted the secretary of state's office, I have informed them of my intention of standing as a candidate for the 123rd Connecticut House District being vacated by Thomas Rowe.

As a lifelong area resident, with a key understanding of the district and the needs of the people, with my extensive democratic experience as a public official, as the former spokesman for the Bridgeport City Council (in fact I was also instrumental in the creation of that department to ensure a political counter balance and in aide of the part time politicians elected to that board) and with extensive experience in the Connecticut House as staff, I have requested a nominating petition application, having completed that, I have sumbitted 86 signatures which now must be verified.

Seventy-four names of voters are required in the district.  I am confident that we will achieve this threshold, and I look forward to bringing my independent minded experience as a competent public official, who has fought for the cause of good government, to the General Assembly.

Our Trumbull district is a vital and historic one in the crux between Fairfield and New Haven Counties.  Our village formerly part of Stratford was instrumental in the times leading to the independence of the nation.  I have received numerous words of encouragement from the voters here, disenchanted by the broken partisan politics which have shifted from the cause of representing the people effectively to some strange theoretical based politics, a type of politics more concerned with ideology than actually getting anything done.

louis August 30, 2012 at 03:56 AM
as you can see...the people are docile.....now that we have junk as politicians....its only a matter of time now...so great work Connecticut Post!


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