'Could Government Just Please Stay Out of My Life?'

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DARIEN: "Both parties have plenty of blame both in Hartford, and nationally. I usually get involved in these discussions when I see that there is some kind of blanket condemnation of Democrats, when Republicans have been just as bad. Look at the amount of spending increases under Reagan, Bush I and II, all of whom grew the size of Government. Ironically, the President that comes closest to doing what the Tea Party wanted was President Clinton, who actually had four surpluses in a row. The bottom line for me is that we MUST get away from the angry and polarizing politics and work together, or things will just get worse. We need to have a middle in the political spectrum and many solutions will require compromise." wrote this in response to a post by "Local Voices" blogger Sen. Bob Duff about .

NEW CANAAN: "More government intervention...Ugh....why not require a lifeguard for every pool owner since we know deaths have occurred there as well? Hey, why not require fireproof aprons for bar-b-ques while you’re at it? How about requiring a 'nanny cam' in every home that hires a babysitter? Could government just please stay out of my life? Really!" wrote this in response to news that the Public Safety and Security Committee approved a bill that would require _

SHELTON: "Well, we are going through the sale of our home, and had bought it [long] before they started doing radon testing. Guess what, elevated levels. I understand about govt overreaching, but when it comes to safety of health and your family sometimes it is the push and awareness people need to get things fixed. What costs a little now can save a costly medical bill later." Toni Colognesi Mahoney wrote this on Shelton Patch's Facebook page in response to

WESTON-REDDING-EASTON: "How many more drug related issues will show up at Barlow before the school system does something ??? Look back over the last 10 years....3-4 people in and out of jail, people hiring others to inflict (BEAT UP ) bodily harm, overdoses, arrests and more. What are these educators doing? I went to school in WESTON during the DRUG days and we NEVER had this level of exposure..And the school board as a whole wants a "RAISE" that we have to pay for!! NOT even remotely acceptable, people whom dont do their jobs in any other walk of life GET FIRED, THINK about that!! wrote this in response to news that police responded to after receiving a report of a

WILTON: "Sentence him to community service. The Miller-Driscoll PTA would be perfect." wrote this in response to news that 32-year-old , landing him in police custody with an $80,000 bail.

Tricia G. March 19, 2012 at 02:46 AM
"Could government just please stay out of my life? Really!" Exactly right, Augie. Your comment is one of the BEST of the week! Did you see any of these courtesy of the Obama administration? They (he and AG Holder) announced the Indians are welcome to shoot the Bald Eagle!! More of PBO's appalling 'open season' to destroy the symbols of America's history, in his quest to "change our history" and deny American Exceptionalism. Meanwhile, Ruth B-G (of the Supreme Court) tells the world that countries like Egypt, writing Constitutions, should not look to the U.S. Constitution for a pattern! http://www.theblaze.com/stories/a-real-democratic-state-justice-ginsburg-praises-the-arab-spring-during-visits-to-egypt-tunisia/ Cass Sunstein (his regulatory CZAR) and Hilda Solis have now put out regs. dictating that farmers are no longer allowed to have their teenagers under 16 drive a tractor on their own land!! Did you see that a few days ago hotel pools and hot tubs had to close down, rather than pay a $55,000 fine, under new ADA regs. mandating "permanently fixed accessible" lifts for each water element, pool, spa, wading pool and hot tub?!! And perhaps the most stunning of all: a couple of weeks ago Obama called U.S. Catholic Bishops into his office and lectured them that they should be listening to him rather than to the Pope! Are we living in "The Twilight Zone," or the "Twilight of America"!!?


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