Trumbull candidate Bevilacqua speaks

Bevilacqua is vying for T.R. Rowe's seat.

I'm a registered Democrat, but have worked to be on the ballot as an Independent Democrat, unconstrained by the party, so that the voters have a choice this year; I can provide my experience, independence and conservative values in a solutions based approach at the Connecticut State Legislature.

Sometimes local party committees become about patronage thus becoming ineffective representations of the old democrat party.  A party of virtue, a party originally constructed in the interest of the free market and the people.  These local committees, like the one here in town, one wouldn't think they had anything at all to do with that movement that was founded by patriots for the people, the party of Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams;  our job was to protect the freedoms won by the revolutionary generation.  Our mission was to ensure local control and local decision making.  But when I am elected, I will get us back to the basics, representing all of the people, regardless of their political affiliation, and serving as an effective public policy administrator.

"With a little under two months for the deadline, I am thankful and proud of the 70 local citizens who have thus far pledged their support and assistance in this quest to be placed on the ballot so that they may have a choice this November. It is a great opportunity that we have to reinvigorate authentic democracy, and I pledge my determination to steadfastly serve them;  the diversity of ideas of cultures and peoples makes this style of governance the most satisfying as I always enjoy speaking with the people of this great land.  Its time for new leadership and both the elites and the people recognize this.

The definition of insanity is voting, over and over for the same people and expecting different results.  At the most crucial moments when leadership is needed, we need someone who will be the strong face of the people.  The two key achievable issues for us include tax reform, ensuring that the town receives its fair share of state dollars, by providing oversight on monies allotted to traditionally urban districts which are rewarded for partisan reasons.

These ghetto dollars frequently do not find their way to the people who need them and there is little to show for the effort and expense.  Secondly, we must look to comprehensive education reform during this age of declining public schools.  A free society needs an educated population, we have lost the fundamental theories behind education in favor of the bickering politics of unions and private school advocates.

We should look at the potential that exists to achieve the twofold goal of workforce preparation and the handing down of essential knowledge that should be taught in our grammar schools.  A young adult should be an empowered, independent person with a world of opportunity in front of them, we are not teaching the growth of the individual when we merely use our High Schools as feeder schools to local mediocre post secondary institutions.

Gone are the days where children learned an employable trade or were given the resources to be self sustaining.  A values based christian moral education is something that served as the foundation of our children's study, rhetoric must not be replacing results.  Only competent, professional political administrators can help guide our community into the future, local governance is no longer the reward for political friendship, accordingly we don't need a tavern owner nor other service based businessmen.

Vacuum cleaning salesmen or other 'professions' may be well and good.  I'll never slight a man who enjoys besting regional sales goals, but now is not the time for such experimentation as political leaders."

TrumbullProgressive June 26, 2012 at 02:36 AM
Another rambling, nonsensical, diatribe from Mr. Bevilacqua. Thomas Jefferson, John Quincy Adams and vacuum cleaning salesmen - what a mess. Please Mr. Bevilacqua, please spare us the pomposity and simply tell us what your background and experience is that gives you the qualifications to be our state representative. And as you always "enjoy speaking with the people of this great land", will we ever see you in person outside of a small picture on the pages of Patch?
louis July 06, 2012 at 03:16 AM
Sure Progressive Democrat, let me know where we can meet. The reason I bring up these things is, simply put, certain factions have bartered our political system for temporary power. Some people, I refuse to admit all of the people, have no idea who to vote for. If I might ask you, who do you plan to cast a vote for, prior to our meeting? Next I should ask, do you trust that person with the kind of moderation that receives results or do you trust them with your own destiny? Because that is what you are doing when you elect a TR Rowe and David or a Tom. You are literally placing your future in their hands. I don't ramble, if you cannot focus long enough to understand plain english, perhaps another hobby, such as kite flying would be in order
louis July 06, 2012 at 03:18 AM
in other words, you are a hack, you have no credibility, leave the real politics to people who know what they are doing, like me. So go back shinning shoes, or whatever you do that you are able to pay taxes to people who squander our monies, but do shut the hell up


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