Trumbull Cops: Girl Punched Officer's Throat at Movie Theater

A girl punched a Trumbull police officer in the throat at the Bow Tie Cinemas on Jan. 17, police said Monday.

Police Lt. Leonard Scinto said "management reported hearing patrons talking about a fight that was going to occur at the theater. While monitoring the group of youths who were overheard talking about the fight one of the them began shouting obscenities at an officer while in the lobby of the theater."

Police asked the youth to leave but she then walked to the ticket counter and began "shouting more obscenities at the manager while demanding her money back in a lobby crowded with children and other patrons."

An officer approached her and arrested her but she resisted and punched him, police said.

The girl is charged with assaulting a police officer, interfering with a police officer and breach of peace.

Jim beam January 20, 2014 at 11:35 AM
Hopefully, the cop gave this young girl a couple, two three whacks with his night stick to teach her some manners. I hope the young girl then thanked the policeman for the etiquette lesson.
Robert Pattinson January 20, 2014 at 11:55 PM
Why are those no details as to the age, town of residence and race of the "youth"?
MAC January 21, 2014 at 12:41 AM
Info. from the CTPost: "A teenaged girl was arrested at the Bow Tie Cinemas after she allegedly punched a police officer in the throat. Officers had been called to the Quarry Road theater complex at about 9:15 p.m. on Friday after managers overheard rumors that a large fight was about to occur, said Lt. Leonard Scinto, the Trumbull police spokesman. Police began monitoring a large group of youths in the theater lobby and one of them began shouting obscenities at an officer, Scinto said. The girl was instructed to leave the theater but instead she walked up to the ticket counter and continued to shout obscenities while demanding her money back, Scinto said. When an officer approached her and told her that she was under arrest, the teen resisted and punched the officer in the throat, the Trumbull police spokesman said. After a brief struggle the suspect, whose name is not being released because of her age, was taken into custody."... ........................................................................................... Most likely this teen girl and the others are from Bridgeport. Another sad example of the millions of children not being raised properly, taught honesty, respect for the Law and authority, etc. I'm guessing, but she is likely the product of a fatherless home. And our governments incentivize this very bad trend in our nation by paying welfare and other benefits to support unwed parents.
Aaron Leo (Editor) January 21, 2014 at 01:32 AM
Police did not release details of the suspect because she is a juvenile. It's state law that a juvenile is considered anyone under the age of 18 and details cannot be released.
Maryellen Rediker-Douglas January 21, 2014 at 11:31 AM
MAC, I agree that there is a great deal of bad parenting in recent times. This include neglecting to teach children manners, respect for elders and authority figures and a dozen other things our children need to know if they are to get along as members of society. However, I have to respectfully disagree with you as to your assumptions of it having anything to single mother parenting, welfare (implied) and being from Bridgeport. Recently I have been working with children with problems, such as the girl in the theatre. From this experience, I can tell you, quite honestly, that many of the children I see have two loving parents in the home, the families are often financially well off and from wealthy communities. Yes, Trumbull, Westport and Greenwich are included. Sorry to burst your bubble, but many of these kids suffer from "affluenza" and think that, because they are who they are, they can get away with acting very badly. So, as Mum used to say when we were kids, "don't point your finger at others, because you have three pointing back at you."
Maryellen Rediker-Douglas January 21, 2014 at 11:42 AM
Jim beam, I respectfully disagree with you regarding how the situation needed to be handled. Responding to a situation, such as this one, with violence does nothing to make the situation any better. violence would only make her more angry and likely determined to be even more violent the next time she gets into an encounter with the police or other authority figures. It will make her more violent in the future and is this what we want? I know it's not what I want to see. I do think she needs to learn that there are consequences to bad behavior.
Jim beam January 21, 2014 at 11:53 AM
Most of my comment was snark. I don't believe in physical abuse, certainly not against children. However, one can merely shake their head when reading that a young girl punched a police officer in the throat. What a depressing commentary on our society. I didn't mean to suggest that violence is an appropriate response.
Jim Flynn January 21, 2014 at 02:18 PM
Thank you Mary Ellen. MAC has come to his typical racist conclusion with his assumptions of the perpetrator being from a fatherless home in Bridgeport, where her parents were not married and he mom (I guess) receiving welfare. He didn't miss one stereotype. MAC you are a RACIST. Shame on you
MAC January 21, 2014 at 04:05 PM
Maryellen, I agree with your thoughtful comments on bad parenting and "affluenza." Certainly it is possible, and evidently more common than it formerly was, for married parents who are to all appearances "loving" to fall down on the job of parenting, particularly if they are affluent and focused on careers instead of their responsibilities as parents. Any parents are failures if they: don't teach their children honesty, respect for the Law and authority, the value of work, to be charitable and kind, and enforce expectations of responsible behavior, rather than to enable and Bail Out (or make excuses for) law breaking children!…………………………..................................................................... I was making a short post about the results of the epidemic of fatherless homes, and do stand by the premise that, in general, trouble making and criminal youth tend to come from fatherless homes. It is statistically true that is more likely the case (except where drugs and/or alcohol are involved). (It also has been usually the case that the trouble making "youths" at Trumbull's theaters come from Bridgeport.) .............................................. It is also true that governments incentivize this very serious decline in quality of life when they pay welfare and other benefits to support unwed parents.
TrumbullSr January 21, 2014 at 05:40 PM
Yeah Mac. Let the kids starve. That will solve the problems.
Robert Pattinson January 21, 2014 at 06:56 PM
I don't think Jim is a racist rather he brings up a valid point. How does one explain the difference in crime statistics between Trumbull and Bridgeport then? Can't blame poverty because the state throws millions of dollars at lower income families. Read the patch. Most of the towns arrests are committed by out of towners. I'm not saying Trumbull does not have its problems it doesn't to the degree of Bridgeport. So why is that?
Kristy Ludlam Waizenegger January 21, 2014 at 07:29 PM
But isn't it fair to ask what it says about Jim Flynn that he is the one who attaches race to Mac's comments? I think people like Flynn make it impossible to have an honest discussion about topics that we really should be discussing. For example, how do we have a conversation about failing school districts without talking about the importance of the family unit? Some people may not like mac's approach but why would it be offensive to anyone to suggest that family is important and that all parents, single or not, should teach morals and values? The political correctness police continue to try and shut people down.
D V January 21, 2014 at 09:33 PM
What's offensive is that while pietistic lip service is being paid to the virtues of clean livin', the in-your-face implication is that families that do not meet the conservative Christians' illusory definition of what a "family unit" ought to be, are somehow incapable or unwilling to provide any kind of decent upbringing, then trotting out the tired canard that if only the gub'mint would stop paying hoochy mamas to crank out welfare babies, we wouldn't have so many urban (code for you-know-who) juvenile delinquents tearing about the place. Wanna have a frank discussion about family values? Okay, let's discuss the FACT that gay couples - surprise! - have been rearing remarkably well-adjusted kids for lo these many years now, and without the "benefit" of marriage, despite the best efforts of sanctimonious nitwits standing in the path of gays and straights who continue to struggle for constitutional rights of equality under law for all American citizens every step of the way. Yeah, we'll just see how welcoming and all-inclusive THAT conversation gets when the thin façade of divinely inspired charity crumbles away.
MAC January 21, 2014 at 11:42 PM
Robert, didn't you mean to write that I, MAC, "brings up a valid point"? (Jim has no valid points--only his lame, mindless old lies that conservatives are "racist.")
Tom Kelly January 22, 2014 at 07:34 AM
Kristy, of course there is nothing wrong with advocating for traditional family values when it is done in the right context. That is absolutely not what happened here. MAC took an incident regarding an unnamed 14 year old girl, and immediately began rampantly speculating. She speculated that she was from Bridgeport, and we know what the inference there is regarding race. She stated that the child was probably fatherless, and went on to say that government helps create this situation by providing welfare to unwed mothers. Without any knowledge of what really happened here, MAC went on a far right wing conservative speculative rant about the ills in our society, from her perspective. But we don't solve ills by sitting in the suburbs and demonizing the residents of a nearby City, or the poor, or unwed mothers, or making inferences regarding race. Her statements are very judgmental and lack human compassion. I can't wait to see what she writes today under the story of the 22 year old TRUMBULL man who was arrested. If you want to be honest, why is MAC's commentary usually limited to stories about Bridgeport residents who get arrested at the mall or elsewhere in town? As for those traditional family values, her hero that she lauds and bestows all kinds of charitable comments on, Rush Limbaugh, has been married FOUR TIMES, divorced THREE times and has no children. Political conservatives on the national scene DO NOT have better records when it comes to family values and fidelity than others political figures, they just like to PREACH about them. The most self-righteous of those conservatives pundits was Dr. Laura Schlessinger. When Dr. Laura's 77-year old mother was found dead in her apartment, it was determined that her body had been there for MONTHS. In the same city that Dr. Laura hosted her radio show. Her elderly mother was dead for months, and Dr. Laura didn't notice. There are some family values for you. So I think that talking about family values as a goal is great and virtuous living should always been held up as something to strive for. However, being judgmental and deriding entire classes of people and jumping to conclusions based on limited information is not the way to do it.
Kristy Waizenegger January 22, 2014 at 11:41 AM
Tom why are you making this about race? This is about teaching our kids basic morals and values regardless of one's situation, financial status or geographic location. This is not your usual teeanger stuff like missing curfew - this kid punched a cop in the face. I think it is imperative that we ask why most kids would never but this one punched a police officer. Stop yelling racism when this is not about race.
Robert Pattinson January 22, 2014 at 02:42 PM
Tom your reference to Dr. Laura is factually inaccurate. I did a simple Google search to find that out. Again, nobody can offer an explanation of the gross difference between Trumbull vs Bridgeport crime statistics. If we are all the same, shouldn't that premise hold water when one compares the crime of stats of Trumbull vs Bridgeport?
MAC January 22, 2014 at 03:34 PM
Robert, Tom can't deal with facts, but prefers to rail with irrelevant comments (as D V also did last night). Since we're playing that game (apologies to Kristy!), let's consider the case of one of the DEMS' favorite heroines and "Hopes" in TX: the pro-ABORTION Wendy Davis, LIAR and spinner of "lies, half-truths, and fairy tales." It now turns out that this would-be governor (HA HA HA---LOL!!!) not only fabricated her 'rose from poverty' tale of overcoming hardship, and divorced her second husband right after he finished paying for her college and Law school education!!....... ............................................................................................ Nor was it enough for this faux "victim" to accuse her opponent, who is paralyzed and in a wheel chair, of "not walking in her shoes" and leaking the TRUTH about her!................................... This darling of the Democrat party is such a failure as a mom that her "own child requested her father be her custodian. ...The court ordered that Wendy Davis “be immediately restrained from . . . using illegal drugs or consuming alcohol within 24 hours before or during the period of possession of or access to the child.” The court also ordered Wendy Davis to keep out of her residence anyone she was having “intimate or dating relationship[s]” with while children were present between 10pm and 6am."................. http://www.redstate.com/2014/01/21/a-texas-court-ordered-wendy-davis-to-stay-away-from-drugs-and-alcohol/.................... Can you say lying slut? And this is the type of candidate the DEM party now expects to win with. No wonder our nation is in so much trouble.
Maryellen Rediker-Douglas January 22, 2014 at 04:02 PM
Why is it that folks, in general, no one in particular, can't play nicely with the other kids in the sandbox? Why am I seeing enough sand being thrown around that it looks like a sandstorm in the Sahara? Why has this come down to accusations being made on both sides? As I said before...."don't point your finger at others, because you have three pointing back at you." Now let's see if we can make this have a positive outcome? Could we start by everyone being willing to listen to everyone's else's point of view and see what there is positive to be gained? Constructive criticism can go a long ways towards making and maintaining peace with each other. If you disagree with someone, let's see if we can't try to state our disagreement, but in a respectful manner. Is there really anything to be gained with name calling and finger-pointing? Frankly, I think if you are honest with yourselves, you will admit there has been no gain made by taking the discussion in the direction it has gone in the past 24 hours. Can we just TRY to get along?
Tom Kelly January 23, 2014 at 05:53 AM
Robert, my reference to Dr. Laura's mother is not factually inaccurate. Her mother was deceased for a long time and no one, including her daughter, noticed. I am also going to stand by my comments about MAC's comments. I have followed her postings on Patch for a long time, and she has a history of making comments about stories which involve Bridgeport children and often uses the same mantra....speculating about their upbringing when none of those facts are presented. I grew up in this town and I know the code and dog whistles when "Bridgeport" is derisively mentioned in this fashion. MAC does not have the same history of posts when children who reside in the more affluent suburbs are mentioned. Check it out for yourselves. I do not think it's constructive to speculate about a child's circumstances, whether he or she is being raised by two parents, or whether the parents are divorced or on welfare when she has absolutely no idea if that is the case based on the content of the story, as with this story. I believe if the EXACT same story was posted and the child was identified as being from one of the suburbs, MAC would not have posted that rant.
Tom Kelly January 23, 2014 at 05:57 AM
In this case, the town or city the child resided is was not even mentioned, but MAC SPECULATED it was Bridgeport: "Most likely this teen and others are from Bridgeport." Based on what? Because the incident happened at Bow Tie Cinemas. That's all it took for MAC to sound the dog whistle. I agree with Jim Flynn in this case, and I think MAC should wait until she has more facts, rather than judging and speculating.
Vito Moscato January 23, 2014 at 07:00 AM
Trumbull Times says she is from Milford. FYI - MAC goes to 10-15 other Patch sites and posts the same spam.
Tom Kelly January 23, 2014 at 07:18 AM
Thank you, Vito. Indeed, the Trumbull Times article does supply the information that the teen was from Milford. So, MAC's conjecture that the child was "probably" from Bridgeport was WRONG. Kristy, I have no problem whatsoever with folks talking about family values. I would like to think that I am the product of family values in my own life. However, the danger is looking at a story like this and doing what MAC did...it's totally outrageous. She assumed that the child was from Bridgeport based on what facts? Saying the child was from Bridgeport was all it took for the inference to be negative. There was also no evidence whatsoever that child came from a fatherless home, or the mother was on welfare. But that didn't stop MAC from her judgmental plaudits. Do her assumptions change now that she knows the child came from Milford, a town with far less diversity than Bridgeport? I have followed MAC's posts for quite some time, and I only respond to the ones I find most egregious, however, based on her pattern of posting, if the Patch article had identified the child from Milford, MAC would likely have not posted her rant in the first place. Those rants are usually reserved for the suspected Bridgeport single, welfare moms. And everyone who follows her posts knows the pattern.
MAC January 24, 2014 at 03:34 AM
I deal with facts, not the specious 'feel good' "Social Justice" nonsense that Tom has gullibly swallowed.  These are facts:  1. Home and family is the FOUNDATION of society, NOT Government.  2. Children from fatherless homes are disadvantaged by that missing father, and much less likely to become happy, mature, responsible and productive members of society.  3. Only 66 % of Bridgeport seniors (2012) graduated from high school.  Statewide, the graduation rate for students receiving free lunch is 66.6 percent. For others, 93.1 percent. Perhaps Tom would like to explain why these facts are true, as opposed to a very different set of facts in Trumbull and most other suburban towns. That would be a more productive use of his time than relentlessly making ad hominem attacks, because he cannot logically refute my "speculations," which happen to be supported statistically................................................................. "In 2000, 42% of Bridgeport’s children lived in single-parent households, compared to 23% statewide; an additional 16% lived with someone other than their parents."............................ http://www.bcacct.org/Websites/bcacct/Images/publications/SOTC_website.pdf............................................................................ I have many friends who live in Bridgeport, probably half or more of them 'minorities,' and wish the above facts were not true, for all our sakes. Tom (and Jim also), for some twisted obsession of his own, seems relentless in his attempts to paint me as some sort of a racist bigot. He has no idea what is in my heart and mind, but I do NOT believe/hold those imagined "racist" thoughts and other negative motives which he viciously ascribes to me. I wish only success and happiness for ALL people, as does Rush Limbaugh, Tom's favorite punching bag!
MAC January 24, 2014 at 03:50 AM
If governments would quit incentivizing the undermining of the nuclear family, by using our tax $$ to make the government 'DADDY' to millions of children born to young girls and single women, then many of those children would be adopted into homes where they would have a married mother and father (some would not be conceived)--and a much higher chance of success and happiness as mature, educated and productive citizens. Much of the crime, violence, addictions--with attendant social costs and lowering of quality of life--is due to this undermining of the nuclear family.............................................. "There is no question that children who grow up in fatherless homes have a much greater risk of major challenges in life than those who grow up with a father at home." Incarceration Rates. "Young men who grow up in homes without fathers are twice as likely to end up in jail as those who come from traditional two-parent families...those boys whose fathers were absent from the household had double the odds of being incarcerated."...85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes." ...."71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes."...70% of juveniles in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes."..."Only 13 percent of juvenile delinquents come from families in which the biological mother and father are married to each other. By contract, 33 percent have parents who are either divorced or separated and 44 percent have parents who were never married."..."The likelihood that a young male will engage in criminal activity doubles if he is raised without a father and triples if he lives in a neighborhood with a high concentration of single-parent families."............................................................... http://fatherhood.about.com/od/fathersrights/a/fatherless_children.htm
Tom Kelly January 24, 2014 at 07:47 AM
You deal in facts? Are you kidding me? You INCORRECTLY speculated that someone was from Bridgeport just based on the circumstances described in a story. You were WRONG, and then say you deal in facts? I don't even know where to begin, other than to ask you, in the words of Matthew, to remove the wooden beam from your own eye before you talk about the splinter in someone else's eye. You spew this rhetoric all over the place, commenting on multiple stories, but you fail to establish a cause-and-effect relationship that demonstrates that it's the government which has caused this. Indeed, if you listen to the words right from the HOLY FATHER about social justice, income inequality, the idolization of money, being judgmental, gossiping, and many other topics, you will see that he has other opinions. The CATHOLIC BISHOPS have stated that the Paul Ryan budget fails to "meet the moral test." That means that it is immoral. This is America, and you have a right to say whatever you want. You seem to do so, in my opinion, in an angry and intolerant way. I do not believe that this is what is in your heart, but I think your words are driven by an inflexible political ideology and you demagogue these issues to death. I will look to the Holy Father and the Bishops for my direction on these issues, as well as the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can continue to be guided by the Rush Limbaughs, Glenn Becks, and Ayn Rands. Have a nice day.
D V January 26, 2014 at 01:15 AM
"If governments would quit incentivizing the undermining of the nuclear family, by using our tax $$ to make the government 'DADDY' to millions of children born to young girls and single women, then many of those children would be adopted into homes where they would have a married mother and father (some would not be conceived)." Not a single "fact" that Mac stuffs into his rants like so many Styrofoam packing peanuts supports this central thesis of his. Not surprising, as it's errant speculation bordering on delusion. But then, we are talking about a person who has to thumbs-up his own posts in order to prop up his fantasy that his rants are meaningful to anyone but himself.


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