Steve Obsitnik's 'Sandwich Tour' Hits Trumbull

The republican candidate for the fourth U.S. Congressional district passed through and his favorite meal, a sandwich, at Marie's in Trumbull Center. His next stop was Norwalk.

Anne DeVita and her granddaughter, Ava Truini, 6, were enjoying lunch at Thursday when they got unexpected company.

U.S. Congressional Candidate Steve Obsitnik was passing through Trumbull on his "Sandwich Tour."

"I think he's a good man," said DeVita, of Trumbull. "I'm happy with what [Trumbull First Selectman] Tim [Herbst] is doing very much."

Herbst and Obsitnik are republicans.

Sean Hamill and Maggie McDermott recently moved to Trumbull. The engaged couple is not sure who they support yet.

"I don't know," McDermott said.

But they said they moved to Trumbull for its school system, parks and affordability. McDermott is a teacher at New Canaan High School and Hamill, formerly of Easton, just took the Bar Exam and has not had time to follow local politics.

McDermott did have an opinion of recent educational reforms by Gov. Dannel Malloy, a democrat. "I've been concerned about Malloy's outlook on education," she said.

Seated at a small table with outgoing U.S. Rep. T.R. Rowe, he explained the source of his tour name. "My favorite meal is sandwiches," he said.

Obsitnik said he did three to four tours a week.

The candidate handed out pamphlets, with a cover stating "Local Roots, Global Perspectives."

He explained that his U.S. Naval experience prepared him for the business world and public office. 

"Common between the private sector and government is the element of leading and serving people" he said in his pamphlet.

Based on his private sector experience, Obsitnik called for a "portfolio of multiple energy sources."

He also called for new leadership. "What we're really missing in Washington is selfless leadership."

"Right now we have an anti-entrepreneurial approach," said Obsitnik, who teaches entrepreneurship at Sacred Heart University.


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