Trumbull Asking Green for Green Living

Composting containers are being sold at below-retail cost.

Your blue recycling bin can have a new friend.

Trumbull is selling compost bins and green cone digesters.

"Composting and digesting are great ways to help the environment by reducing waste and save taxpayer dollars by avoiding high garbage disposal fees," said Robin Bennett, Trumbull's Solid Waste & Recycling Coordinator.

According to Bennett, "Composting is a process where organics such as kitchen scraps and yard wastes are recycled into a rich fertilizer, called humus that you can use to help your plants grow."

Residents can purchase a backyard Garden Gourmet Compost Bin for $30. The bin requires minimal assembly and includes a free collection caddy, the coordinator said.

She explained the difference between digesting and composting.

"Digesting is where all organic household waste, including meat and bones, is digested and is primarily reduced to water. The cone digests the food and the nutrients are released into the soil around the cone," Bennett said.

She added that there is no final compost product with the green cone.

"The cone requires minimal assembly and works best in a well-drained, sunny location," and is available for $50. It includes a free collection caddy.

Both bins are on display in the .

Pre-ordering and pre-payment is required and is available only to Trumbull residents. For an order form, go to www.trumbull-ct.gov or call or email Robin Bennett, Trumbull Recycling Coordinator @ 203-452-5056, robin.bennett@trumbull-ct.gov.

Pick-up is on Aug. 25 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the .

Heron Beaverbrook July 25, 2012 at 08:04 PM
Interesting. Let us know how many residents come up with the 80 dollars. I for one was heart broken when Trumbull decided to have all their leaves hauled out instead of composting them. The Town of Trumbull had one of the most impressive leaf composting sites in the state.


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