Trumbull's Going Green and More Hi-Tech

Public Works is expanding its recycling efforts while Wi-Fi is slated for Town Hall. Also, Trumbull EMS needs a new radio frequency.

Trumbull's Recycling Coordinator is in place, and plans are in the works for household organic composting, while Wi-Fi is could be in Town Hall.

The Board of Finance recently approved a funds transfer requested by town IT Director Bill Chin, and it allowed Public Works Director John Marsilio to fund the the composting project.

Improvement from Mistakes

The funding for composting comes from the town being fined $20,000 by the then-state Department of Environmental Protection from 2004 to 2007. The town failed to monitor its wastewater, Marsilio said.

But the fine was negotiated down to $15,000 and can be used toward making the town greener.

"We would like to commit that money in this fiscal year," he said.

The programs could be unrolled in several months, according to Marsilio.

Composting kitchen waste reduces the amount of garbage burned in Bridgeport, for which Trumbull pays by the ton. The organic waste can be used as fertilizer.


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Wi-Fi and Q-Alert

If you haven't noticed yet, residents can report potholes and other problems personally through the town website, a service of two programs, Q Send and Q Alert.

All of the funding comes from an existing account.

Regarding Wi-Fi, he estimated the cost at $13,000 to $15,000. But he asked to use $20,000 just in case.

Finance Board Member Tom Tesoro asked Chin to bid first and get concrete numbers. "I like to see bids in hand," Tesoro said.

In addition to Wi-Fi, Chin said he is "trying to virtualize all of our servers" because the current network equipment is aging.

"I definitely think the service project needs to go forward now," Chin said. The transfer request passed 4-2.

Jim Sullivan June 13, 2012 at 12:11 PM
Watch the town website this summer for an announcement regarding the sale of heavily discounted composters and digesters. They will be sold at a great price and composting information and experts will be on hand to get you started. If you do not need the valuable compost a composter returns for your garden, consider the digester, which is not as limited as the composter as to what it can except and may reduce your amount of household waste for curbside collection by 20%. Here is a link to information concerning the “green cone” digester that will be sold: http://www.abundantearth.com/store/GreenConeDigester.html As always, place all of your recyclables into your 18-gallon blue bins per the Town’s new single stream guidelines* and buy more bins at the Public Works Dept on Church Hill Rd for $5 if you need them. *see, http://www.trumbull-ct.gov/filestorage/7112/7213/Trumbull_Single_Stream_Recycling.pdf
Aaron Leo June 13, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Thanks Jim!


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