Trumbull W.P.C.A. to Ponder Rate Increase

The proposed increase will help the town keep pace with a proposed increase on the Bridgeport end of the process.

If a proposed sewage treatment rate increase passes, Trumbull residents could see the change in their November bills.

"The increase is necessary to offset the City of Bridgeport’s proposed 1.6 percent increase in sewage treatment costs," according to a town document. A public hearing was to be held Tuesday night before the Water Pollution Control Authority but it was cancelled because of a noticing/computer error. A new date has not been scheduled.

The rate changes are proposed as follows:

  • Residential Sewage Treatment per CCF, currently $4.36, Proposed $4.43
  • Industrial Sewage Treatment per CCF, currently $4.74,  Proposed $4.82
  • Flat Rate (well water) Treatment per quarter, currently $128.63, Proposed $130.26

"The Trumbull WPCA is co-dependent with Bridgeport’s West Side Treatment Plant for wastewater disposal and must pass on the increase it inherited," according to the document.


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The town has formed a committee to research how to proceed with sewage treatment since the 40-year contract with Bridgeport expired in June. Proposals include working with Stratford and/or Monroe.

The W.P.C.A., an independent authority, also changed its billing method earlier this year. 

Carol Hudak October 02, 2012 at 12:33 AM
Surprise, surprise.
Tom Gallo October 02, 2012 at 12:46 AM
Who thinks up these insane ideas to charge us higher fees?
Tom Kelly October 02, 2012 at 01:39 AM
I hope Trumbull residents listen to this closely, and I hope that my colleagues in the Democratic Party will make sure that ALL Trumbull residents become aware of what I am about to say. Anyone who attended the public information session in February 2012 at Madison Middle School heard the WPCA say that they were changing the way that spring and summer usage was calculated to make it fairer to ALL WPCA ratepayers. It was stated in no uncertain terms that the goal of changing the billing method was NOT to raise total revenue. The people in attendance were told that it was unfair for all ratepayers to "subsidize" the high volume water users. It was clearly stated that once the additional revenues came in from the changing the billing method, the overall charge per CCF would be ADJUSTED DOWNWARD to make this overall revenue neutral. I would like to find the tape of this meeting, as it will reflect what I am saying here. Now, just a few months after they change the billing method, the WPCA is meeting to RAISE the rate per CCF for all ratepayers? What happened to the promised reduction that was going to result from the change of billing method? The way the sewers are being handled in Trumbull should be a grave concern to all Trumbull residents. The North Nichols sewer fiasco continues. I ask this important question: The North Nichols residents are still not paying an assessment. Who is paying for the bond obligations then? ALL Trumbull taxpayers?


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