Trumbull's Water Pollution Control Authority: Conserve Water

With water and sewage treatment rates increasing, residents should conserve water, according to the vice chairwoman of Trumbull's Water Pollution Control Authority.

"I would encourage the public to reduce their water consumption," said Laura Pulie, the vice chairwoman.

Her statement followed the WPCA's increasing sewage treatment rates, which they said they had to do.

"This is an increase we inherited," said Chairwoman Karen Egri. "We have to pass it along."

But the WPCA is seeking alternatives, she added.

The sewage treatment increases are:
  • Residential Sewage Treatment per CCF, currently $4.43, Now $ 5.95
  • Industrial Sewage Treatment per CCF, currently $4.82, Now $ 6.51
  • Flat Rate (well water) Treatment per quarter, currently $130.26, Now $170
Added WPCA member Ennio DeVita, "This won't stop. It's going to keep going up."

Trumbull's sewage is treated in Bridgeport. But the town has been exploring alternatives, such as treatment in another town orĀ forming a regional authority. Building a sewage treatment plant in Trumbull would cost millions of dollars and finding a site would be difficult, WPCA officials said.

What do you think? Will you water your lawn?
JR August 05, 2013 at 08:04 AM
34% increase? How's that audit coming?
M Shapiro August 05, 2013 at 10:11 AM
This Herbst appointed board having driven the north Nichols project millions of dollars over budget and over two years behind schedule (its still not finished) giving most of that "work" to Herbst contributors and having ruled with an iron fist for four years they have the gall to say they "inherited" the increase?!!? Everything Herbst touches costs more. He just hides it well.
John Kriz August 05, 2013 at 07:08 PM
Conserve usually applies to something in short supply. Lots of water in the reservoirs. I think what the writer means is if you don't like the high sewage costs, use less water. This, of course, won't help those who already use less water. I had hoped that our leaders would produce a more creative solution.
Tom Kelly August 05, 2013 at 10:20 PM
Mr. Kriz, I agree with you on this one. It seems as though the WPCA Commissioners are failing to take any accountability at all for this staggering increase in our sewer use fees. One Commissioner says simply "This won't stop. It's going to keep going up." That's not very reassuring, and that Commissioner is running for the Town Council. Another Commissioner, the Chairwoman of the WPCA, claims we inherited this increase. But she doesn't say from whom....or let Trumbull residents know that we have been operating with an expired sewer contract with Bridgeport for over 13 months. Another Commissioner says to conserve water....ok, sage advice, but no will take responsibility for any of this? I believe the WPCA should proceed with the audit of the -20 and -59 accounts that they have been talking about since 2010, but failed to do. I believe they should reign in their own spending. I believe part of the reason for this whopping increase is because we are spending way too much in attorneys fees, and another reason is because the WPCA went overbudget on the North Nichols Sewer Project.
Michael London August 06, 2013 at 07:50 AM
All I can say is "pah-leeze." You all know that in large part these rates are dictated by Bridgeport! That's why we're trying to negotiate a better deal. That's why we're exploring alternatives. Don't make this a political issue. It isn't.
Kathleen McGannon August 06, 2013 at 08:27 AM
Mr. London, having sat with you on the Board of Finance for a few years, I am quite certain that many of the things you have let slide during Mr. Herbst's tenure as FS would have elicited complete outrage if it had been done under Mr. Baldwin or any Democratic administration. You know I like you, but I had thought that you were a fair person. I have been most disappointed in your actions as a TC member these past few years. You would have been screaming, and rightfully so, for the WPCA audits that have been ignored since Mr. Herbst took office. You would have railed against the charter violations that Mr. Herbst believes are his right. You would NOT have said things like, "So we get the point. You didn't like the process. We're here now, let's vote." when the Charter was clearly violated. Let's not ignore the fact that this Herbst-appointed WPCA has not been aboveboard, has made some very poor decisions, and, if these same decisions had been made by a Democratic administration, you would be screaming from the rooftops. You would also have been very vocal about the cost overruns in the Nichols project when Tim promised it would SAVE money! At least be true to yourself. Tim has made this mess with the WPCA and his inability to work with Bridgeport officials has created a mess that has now caused a huge increase in rates. Please restore my faith in you and DEMAND those audits that Tim seems to want to bury. You represent a council district. Show those people that you do, indeed, care about THEM! Pah-leeze!
Steven Castro August 06, 2013 at 11:31 AM
Mr. London, As you might imagine, I completely agree with Ms. MCGannon comments in regard to your affiliation to Mr. Herbst. I too have thought of you as a responsible representative in many of your reaction to run away spending. But you have changed; I wonder why?


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